Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Like Royalty

"Wow, I feel like we're being served by royalty!" is what one woman said about my outfit when I wore it to work at the cafe.  This is by far my favorite of any of my newer dresses that I've purchased since moving here.  Seriously, what an amazing vintage find!  The sleeves, the florals, the fit, the color....oh it all works so nicely together.  Unfortunately it doesn't have any labels on the inside, so its history is a complete mystery to me. 

Anyway, today I'm heading to the San Diego Museum of Art for some much needed inspiration.  I've started painting a little bit again and I'm feeling like a creative period is approaching.  

Hopefully this museum is better than the Museum of Man.  Jon and I went to the MoM last week and it was seriously the worst museum I've ever been to...their displays were falling over and it smelled like feet.   Not good. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where Did the Motion Picture Go?

Ugh, the new blogger layout for editing posts has been frustrating me so much. I've tried 3 times now to post about Seal Beach and every time I try it just turns into one huge html mess of a mind f***.

 So I'm skipping that post and returning to outfit photos. Since I don't have time to figure out this new editing system I'm going to try and post just one photo with each entry. That will work better with my schedule anyway and hopefully I'll be able to start posting regularly again.

 This is an outfit that I wore to the cafe. I got the dress from Buffalo Exchange for $8! I'm really loving anything sheer right now, it feels so pretty and perfect for spring. The only problem is having to wear a slip under everything!

 The vintage petal hat I got from a local resale shop. I made the mistake of trying to wash it by hand and the glue started coming apart....so now it is ruined. So sad. I can still use it as a prop, but I was really looking forward to styling this baby up!