Monday, February 6, 2012

With Love in Her Eyes and Flowers in Her Hair…

Yep, another bohemian look for a morning shift at the cafe. I seem to be starting a theme here. Actually, I have a few days off from the cafe this week so I'll only be working one job for most of the week! It's a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I'll be able to catch up on a ton of stuff (and maybe make a trip to the thrift store). On the other hand...I'll be making a lot less money this week. Jon agrees that I really need this break though. Working five days a week at both jobs is really difficult to keep up with.

I bought this dress as a joke for a video I made when I was in art school. It was a parody of ultra feminist video art. (Nothing against feminists, just against seeing the same thing over and over again in video art.) I've almost gotten rid of it numerous times. Yet somehow it always makes its way out of the donation pile and back into my closet. I'm glad I've kept it around though. It's a great dress for a warm, sunny day. (Okay, sorry midwesterners...I'm not trying to rub it in anymore...but it just is warm and sunny out...) I chose to keep my eye make-up simple and go for a bold red lip to contrast with the white.

Also I wore my new daisy wreath. Jon thought it was really stupid when I got it in the mail, but after I wore it he seemed to warm up to it a bit. (Although he still insisted that I looked like I was going to a garden wedding.) In the midwest I feel like I would get crazy looks for wearing a wreath of daisies out in public let alone to work...but here it just feels natural. I know northern California is more known for the hippie movement, but San Diego is so laid back that a bohemian outfit fits right in. I love that I can wear an outfit like this out and feel at home here.

The Breakdown:


Dress: Encounters, Vintage, Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
Flats: Nine West, Sale

Daisy Wreath: Etsy
Necklace: Handmade by Jon Knitter
Floral Bracelet: Gift
Gold Bracelet: H&M



  1. Warm and February. Somehow I cannot fathom how it can be warm and sunny anywhere when it's 25 and cloudy out. Although to be fair, we've had a really easy winter.

    I think this dress is perfect on you - never get rid of it!! I hope you enjoy your break (and have lots of luck thrifting)!

  2. I love this wreath! yeah I understand what you mean about it probably being easier to wear something like that in Cali... the midwest is amazing, but sometimes people just don't get expressing yourself through your clothes. Glad to hear you have a little break. That has got to be rough working two jobs at once.

  3. I love the wreath Cat! You look very pretty in this look. It has been pretty mild here so far but it is coooold this morning and I am ripe with envy of your sunshine! Take a break lady! Try to squeeze in a bubble bath or something, you work so hard!


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