Friday, December 9, 2011

Artists in the Park

The other day I took another stroll around Balboa Park. I found out there's a little section of the park that is home to 37 art studios and over 200 artists so I had to go check it out on my day off. It was really inspiring to walk around and see so many creative people hard at work. I want someone to pay me to create art all day long! Wouldn't that be awesome? I'm sure you probably need a fellowship or something to have a studio there. Note to self: Look into San Diego art fellowships.

It's hard to believe but it has actually been a little chillier here lately. During the day it's in the 60s, but at night it has been in the 30s-40s. I really want it to snow too! I never thought I'd hear myself say that, but if it's going to be in the 30s it should at least snow, right? I guess it would only melt the next day though. December just seems so strange without snow! I find myself craving the x-mas spirit everywhere I go! I found a station that plays Christmas music the other day, but it's not non-stop. It will be 1 Christmas song followed by a few spanish songs followed by 1 oldies song and then they'll play another Christmas song! It's so weird!

I just got a shipment of my clothes in the mail from Michigan! I'm looking forward to going through everything and having a few more options of things to wear! I'm getting so bored without having many options for mixing and matching...

What's a blogger to do?

Plus, most of my vintage is still in Michigan. :(

The Breakdown:


Skirt: Vintage/Thrifted
Sweater: H&M
Tights: Thrifted
Coat: H&M
Boots: Gift

Necklace: Gift
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Hat: Thrifted


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vintage Wednesday #48 - Flashbacks

(photo credit:

Yep, I'm finally bringing Vintage Wednesday back! Whoo!

For the most part I've been avoiding going into any stores because Jon and I want to succeed so badly here in California that I'm not spending any money on clothes right now. Not even thrift shopping! However, this funky little vintage store is conveniently located right on my way to work, so I couldn't help but pop in to check it out. It's appropriately named "Flashbacks" and it's right in the heart of trendy downtown Hillcrest.

It's actually a mix of vintage and new clothing. They also buy and trade clothing, which is always nice. I found myself in love with a lot of their vintage options, but mostly everything is from the 60's-80's, so if you're looking for anything earlier than that you're pretty much out of luck.

The store is nicely organized though and has its own quirky presentation for everything. The accessories are just loaded up all over the store, which I love. There are a pair of psychedelic floral tights similar to the paisley ones that I have that I'm eyeing (and still drooling over...wishing I had more money...gah...must be responsible...).

I snapped these photos on my way home from work one night, so I apologize for the flash and poor quality, but I really love their current holiday displays!

There's no way I will be able to outdo last year's Christmas outfits, but if I could I'd probably buy this dress:

Oh and here's a video I found on their website:

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Vintage Wednesday! Check back next week for more vintage fun!