Saturday, November 26, 2011

Working Creatively

My uniform for work is a little different than the one I wore to my job back in Detroit. At my new theatre instead of wearing a bowling or "midnight movie" shirt the uniform is a white button up and tie. At first I was super excited about this change. It was a whole new opportunity for creativity at work. However, I'm finding this theatre to be much more strict in what they consider to be "proper dress code". The dress that I originally bought for this new uniform was ultimately vetoed as the collar was too low. I'm trying my best to bend the rules without being written up for it, but since I'm the new kid on the block I have to play it safe - at least for awhile. In Chicago instead of ties the girls were allowed to wear scarves. I haven't tried this yet as I don't want to push too many buttons too soon. When I'm no longer a newbie I may have to test the waters to see if a pretty scarf will fly or not.

For now I've been experimenting with different types of collars and different textures to my blouses. The other day Jon told me I look like I attend Hogwarts, so that pretty much made my day and made me look at my uniform with a new appreciation.

This may seem silly or frivolous, but for me looking good at work is key to being confident and more importantly being taken seriously by patrons. Especially if you're working in a customer service field like I do if you're wearing an oversized shirt with a huge logo no one is going to take you seriously and you will be treated like a flaky teenager. However, if you dress well and act confident you'll be treated like the intelligent adult that you are. This seems shallow, and I know a teenage me would be scathing at this remark, but after working for 10 years in customer service I hate to say that this is true.

Of course on the other hand going back to the creative part of wearing a work uniform - it's just more fun to get dressed up every day! I feel much better being able to plan out my outfits and play a little bit with what I'm going to wear. If I'm going to be spending 8+ hours of my day in one thing I want it to look nice and represent me.

Does anyone else have to wear a uniform to work or adhere to a dress code? What are your tips for getting around a dull look? Do you prefer to look nice for work or do you want to focus more on how you look after work? Thoughts? Comments?


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Our New Apartment!

We are finally in our new apartment! Our teeny little corner of the world! It's actually a nice size for a studio. I'll post photos once we're a little more moved in and there are less boxes everywhere.

We don't have an internet connection yet (I'm on another signal right now) so I'm going to do my best to post every few days, but until we actually have internet access it may still be a little slow around here. Also, we live right underneath a flight path, so every time a plane flies by we lose what little signal we have, grrr.

It feels SO GOOD to finally be able to browse my clothes again for something to wear (although half of my clothes are still in Michigan waiting to be shipped). Still, it's nice to have more selection than 3 outfits!

I can't belive we've been in San Diego for three weeks now! It feels like we just moved here! This past Sunday Jon and I went to a free organ concert in Balboa Park. We got to sit up front on the stage while the organist played and then afterwards we were able to tour the building and see all of the hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of the organ. It was great!

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Jon and I are both working and then having dinner with my brother. I'm doing all of my cooking tonight so everything is ready for tomorrow. Luckily my brother lives in the same building, so we just have to walk downstairs to get to his place! No traveling involved!

Regardless of your plans tomorrow, I hope everyone has a great day celebrating with family and friends!

The Breakdown:


Dress: Gift
Top: Thrifted
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Target, Gift

Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: H&M
Sunglasses: Meijer