Friday, November 4, 2011

Out West Day 1: Salsa in Tulsa

Yay! I'm back! Jon and I made it safely to California (by way of a miracle) and are starting our new lives in San Diego. I'm really excited to tell you guys all about San Diego, but first I'm going to break down our three day whirlwind trip. Last Saturday Jon and I (well, mostly me because Jon slept the whole way) drove all the way from Detroit, Mi to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was the longest distance of the trip and with gas stops, lunch breaks, and traffic turned out to be a 17 hour drive.

Jon spent about 12 hours packing up the mini van. I helped for the latter 5 hours of packing. Since I was the first driver I was able to get some sleep while Jon was working on making our on-the-road home nice and cozy for all (including the cats). After a few goodbyes we were on the road around noon. States from Detroit to Tulsa: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Here's the last picture of us by our house:

Oh yeah - Jon got new glasses! Doesn't he look super handsome and professional?

Driving through St. Louis at night:

St. Louis was alive, loud, bright, and partying late into the night. Actually I think it's the only city we drove through that had so much character.

Of course driving through the midwest at night you're trained to watch out for deer. When we finally hit Oklahoma though it was insane how many deer carcasses we saw...15 in the little stretch from the Oklahoma border to Tulsa! That's not counting the other 5 states. A lot of them had only happened a few minutes before we reached them too. The worst one was not being able to see a thing and then all of the sudden driving through blood, guts, and body parts as brilliantly red as a shiny christmas ornament. It was so disturbing that Jon and I sat in silence without any music on for the remainder of the drive. I still feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. With the amount of roadside mayhem we witnessed that night it is a pure miracle that we got through Oklahoma without hitting a single deer.

When we woke up the next day and started driving we found that Oklahoma looked much different by day. Instead of the nightmare that we had witnessed the night before we were met with clean air and rolling hills for miles:

Stay tuned for day 2: Oklahoma to New Mexico, hopefully I'll have it up by tomorrow!

*We didn't take many pictures because we were video taping most of the time. So what these posts lack in photos I'll make up for in video later on!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest post: Miss Vinyl Ahoy

Hi guys! Suze here from Miss Vinyl Ahoy, filling in for Cat while she moves away from the great mitten state! Cat asked what my favorite thing about Michigan is, and I was stumped. I've never lived anywhere else, so I don't really have any way to compare this area to anywhere else. I love where I grew up (Ann Arbor, Go Blue!), I adore the four season, like Tieka, but I specifically adore the trees here.

Yes, trees. In the fall, the trees change from green to glorious shades of orange, yellow, pinks and reds. Last year, there were a few wonderful days of these striking colors before the frost and snow moved in.
#140 Conf Detroit
11.19.2010 10 for 30

Nice and sunny one day, frost the next.

Michigan's weather can be a cruel mistress through. As soon as these leaves begin to appear, the snow moves in. I live on the east side of the state (think Detroit), so when we get snow, it stays with us the entire winter. I've had to call in to work that I'm snowed into my apartment and can't get my car out. Not such a great excuse when you're busy!

Any way, I hope you've liked the look at some of the fall colors around where I live, and hopefully you'll make it up to Michigan next fall before the snow sets in.
I know we'll all miss Cat, but she's bringing that midwest flavor to California.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Post: Selective Potential

Hi everyone! I'm Tieka from the blog, Selective Potential! I'm so excited to be posting for Cat while she's moving to San Diego. Of course, the midwest will miss a fabulous blogger but I'm excited to hear about her new adventures! When Cat asked us to blog about our "favorite thing in Michigan" - that was so tough for me. I always boast about how much I love our state on my blog constantly… and to narrow it down was tough! I love the tourist traps, the people, the lakes and beaches, the lighthouses, so much. But, I'd have to say my favorite thing is our four very distinct seasons. Our seasons are each so beautiful and I truly enjoy every single one. Here are four outfits of mine in each of our different seasons!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post: She is Sara, Mitten-State Love!

Liams first tigers game 041
Liams first tigers game 019
Game 006
Game 010
skate 006
DIA 096
DIA 062
GrandTrunk,Bronx 008

Hello Midwest Mayhem readers! This is Sara from the blog She is Sara and Cat asked me to do a guest post for her on my favorite place in Michigan. I have lived in Michigan all of my life and I just bought a house in Oak Park, so it looks like I will be here for awhile but I cannot complain, I love it here. Michigan is an amazing state, everything from the big city of Detroit, to the suburbs to the beautiful north.  So, I have decided to include here a bunch of photos from all over the place.

The above ones were all taken in Detroit. I work in Detroit and I love being in the city. My friends and I head downtown to Tigers games in the summer, the Winter Blast festival in the winter, bar hop from Jacoby's to Grand Trunk to The Bronx bar. We ice skate at campus martius and eat pizza at Nikki's in Greektown, and spend hours on end at the Detroit institute of Arts. Detroit is an amazing city and I love spending time there.

zoo 043
zoo 056
Sunday Birmingham 044
Sunday Birmingham 032
Sunday Birmingham 033
turkey day!! 004
outfitandkaraoke 007
walk 067
walk 051
bloggermeeyupAA 034

Living in Oak Park, I am in walking distance of the Detroit zoo, trendy down-town Royal Oak, and granola-ish Ferndale, where I grew up. The 'burbs of Michigan are peppered with parks, and there are a ton of nature walks close-by. Which is great for long walks with my dog Louie, outfit photos for my blog, and even for blogger meet-ups!

Vacation2-2011 279
Vacation2-2011 294
Vacation2-2011 249
Vacation2-2011 206
Vacation2-2011 026
vacation-August 2011 687
vacation-August 2011 664
vacation-August 2011 502
vacation-August 2011 446
vacation-August 2011 377
vacation-August 2011 394
vacation-August 2011 216
vacation-August 2011 118
vacation-August 2011 058
vacation-August 2011 052

My favorite part of Michigan has to be all of the northern areas. I love Michigan's UP, Taquamenon falls, Pictured Rocks, Paradise,  Calumet. I love Mackinaw and have been going there ever since I was a little kid. There are beautiful cities below the bridge too, Charlevoix, Traverse City and anywhere along Lake Michigan. As you can see, Michigan has so many things to offer, and I couldn't imagine living in any other place than the Mitten-State.

Thanks for reading my post and thanks to Cat for letting me be a guest blogger on her lovely blog!