Friday, September 16, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

Two weeks ago I gave you a sneak peek of our Labor Day weekend and now I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures! It seems like I was just in disbelief about how it's already September and now it's already mid-September! Crazy!

For Labor Day weekend Jon and I took a mini trip to west Michigan to visit with family. We went with Jon's sister and our niece, Stella to a petting zoo in the country. It was a lot of fun and they had a lot of animals that you don't usually see at petting zoos!

A little alligator trying to be tough and scary:

The iguana jumped on the turtle's back and went for a ride!

Big turtle:

Little turtle:

This emu was making "come hither eyes" at Jon:

A baby zebra! She was so soft!

We went into a little pen with tons of birds flying everywhere:

Crazy chicken face chicken:

Eeeeeevvvvilllll goats!

A fennec fox! I want one!

A little wallaby! LIke Rocko! Remember Rocko?

Aren't bird feathers amazing?

I had planned on wearing a pink sundress for the day, but I forgot to pack my white legging shorts! The dress was a little too short to wear on a windy day without anything unserneath. Luckily I packed a back-up outfit, which is what I'm wearing in these photos. The outfit would have looked better with a belt, but I was in a hurry to pack and forgot to bring one. I love this Dr. Suess shirt! It's so soft and the muted colors make it easy to pair with almost any outfit!

(Photos of me taken by Mr. Jon Knitter)

I love photographing my niece! She's such a doll!

That's all for today. Time to get ready for work. I hope you all have a great weekend!

The Breakdown:


Dr. Seuss Tee: Urban Outfitters
Floral Skirt: Thrifted

Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Filene's Basement
Watch: Gift


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vintage Wednesday #44

This week for Vintage Wednesday I'm sharing a 1960s scooter dress that I wore to work last weekend when Quadrophenia was our midnight movie. We get to dress up on the weekends for the midnight movies so I was super excited to get a chance to don my best mod outfit. Of course, I had to keep in mind I was wearing this to work, so I needed a dress with a modest hem length. I chose this polka dot scooter dress which I've had for probably 8 or 9 years now. It was one of my original vintage purchases. I did have a few items before this one, but I bought this when I started having a clear view of my style aesthetic. (It took awhile to perfect, but it gave me a direction.) The dress label reads, "Kimberly" and it is 100% polyester.

While the dress is cute enough on its own I wanted to add another element of playfulness so I paired it with the polka dot button down. At the same time I didn't want to over do it, so I kept the bottom half of the outfit simple with white tights and navy heels. For my hair I teased it up into a small bouffant then twisted the ends into a rope shape and pinned them at the top.

Jon and I watched Miranda July's new film, "The Future" the same night we watched Quadrophenia. It was great! I felt so bad for it because it opened during arts, beats, and eats weekend when the theatre was completely dead, so the distributers thought it didn't do well and it was gone within a week! Jon and I both gave it 4 stars bordering on 5. It's been about a week since we've watched it and it's still on my mind - a telltale sign of a great film. Put it on your Netflix queue now!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Vintage Wednesday! Check back next week for more vintage fun!

The Breakdown:


Scooter Dress: Kimberly, Vintage
Polka Dot Blouse: Objex, Thrifted
White Tights: Filene's Basement
Heels: Vintage, Thrifted

Earrings: ? (can't recall)
Purse: Capezio, Thrifted
Black Bow: H&M
Bracelet: Gift/Heirloom


Monday, September 12, 2011

I Can Only See My Love Grow'n...I Like the Way This is Goin'...

Jon and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last Tuesday. We spent the afternoon/early evening in downtown Detroit and had a great time! I can't believe it has already been three years. Wow, time sure flies. It seems like we just got married. Of course we are officially no longer newly weds. Now we're just plain married, haha. Oh, but I love it! My husband is the greatest and I'm looking forward to celebrating our 5th anniverasry...our 10th...25th...50th....100th (cause, you know we'll all be living longer by then...)! We get each other so well and I love that we have the same sense of humor (except when it comes to ordering new checks...I mean, c'mon, cat angels bathing each other? Hilarious!). I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring person to spend my days with. :)

First off on our anniversary date we stopped at the Heidelberg Project. Jon had never seen it and it's one of my favorite Detroit attractions. The Heidelburg Project is an outside art installation by local artist Tyree Guyton that spans a few blocks of Detroit's east side neighborhoods. The sense of a healing community is a very strong message that jumps out at you with every step along the dotted street. Although the work is very bright and bold there is something so profoundly sad about it. If you're ever in Detroit I highly recommend stopping by and walking around. Unfortunately, a lot of the houses have been torn down by the city, but there's still a lot to explore!

The dress that I'm wearing is the dress that I bought to be worn when Jon proposed to me. However, since I was taken completely by surprise by his proposal (you can read the story here) I was not prepared and was not actually wearing said dress when I was proposed to. I did wear it to the celebration dinner that night though!

I wanted to have an autumnal theme to my outfit, so I paired the dress with my burnt sienna turtleneck top and gold (newly thrifted) tights. I wore my 60s vintage Ferragamo heels to complete the look. I think it's a combination of the cut of the dress and the metallic sheen, but I always feel so glamorous wearing it. Since the dress makes such a bold statement I only take it out of my closet for special occasions. I've got to keep its mystique alive. Jon wore his metallic striped shirt and vintage "fight club" jacket. Haha, it was unintentional, but we kind of ended up matching!

After the Heidelberg project we headed to Belle Isle (a huge park on a small island in Detroit) for some anniversary pictures. We wanted to go to the conservatory and walk around the gardens, but it was closed! Instead we just stayed along the river and got a few pictures.

Isn't this pond just breathtaking? It was so peaceful and perfect.

I'm just in love with the architecture of the Belle Isle Aquarium:

By this point of our date we were both starting to get incredibly hungry so we headed over to Nikki's Pizzeria in Greek town. I chose this restaurant for two reasons: 1) I used to go here all of the time after shows when I was a teenager. I fell in love with their pizza and Jon had never had it before, so I needed him to try it before we moved away from Michigan! 2) We went to Greece for our honeymoon, so having dinner in Greek Town just seemed appropriate!

Saganaki, greek salad, delicious pizza....does it get any better?

After filling our bellies we headed over to the Greektown Casino to try our luck with the slot machines. I know how to play poker and Jon knows how to play blackjack, but neither one of us were confident enough in our skills to approach a table, haha. We didn't win any money, but we had a fun time trying!

Finally we ended the day with some delicious ice cream and made our way home. The rest of the evening we cuddled and watched DVDs, which is what we do best!

We lit our unity candle for the evening. We decided to keep up a tradition of lighting it once a year on our anniversary.

All in all it was an amazing evening. That husband...I tell ya...I sure do fancy him. ;)

(Photo credit: Jon Knitter)

The Breakdown:


Metallic Dress: H&M
Turtleneck Top: Thrifted
Gold Tights: Thrifted
Heels: Vintage, Ferragamo

Bow: H&M
Black Clutch: Gift
Belt: Thrifted
Locket Necklace: Wedding Day Gift
Charm Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: H&M
Watch: Gift
Glasses: Ray Ban


Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I Want This Fall

Hi everyone! Currently I'm working on editing my anniversary photos. Hopefully I'll be done and able to share them with you guys by tomorrow! In the meantime I'd like to share a few items I'm coveting this fall!

1) Rockin' fall wedges ready to wear with a pair of amazing tights:

Fall Wedges

2) Said tights and pretty socks for layering:

Fall Tights

3) A-line skirts in bold colors and prints:

skirts fall

Little sweaters to show off a small waist in an a-line skirt:

fall sweaters

4) Just chilly enough outerwear:

Fall jackets

If only I had an unlimited supply of money then I would be all set! In the meantime I'll be scrounging the thrift stores searching for unique look-a-likes.

I'm so glad Jon and I are going to be able to enjoy fall before we move. It's my favorite season both aesthetically and fashion wise.