Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trip: Cedar Point

(photo credit:

When you live in Michigan Cedar Point is one of those places you assume everyone has been to. Just like you assume everyone has been to Canada. Since this is not the case let me give you a brief background of our (well...technically Ohio's) amusement park mecca:

Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio. It's about a three hour trip from Detroit. It's located on Lake Erie's shoreline and is the second oldest amusement park in North America (with history dating back to 1870). Crazy, right? Of course in 1870 it was far from what it looks like today. Instead of lightening fast roller coasters it was home to a small beer garden, bathhouse and dance floor.

Today you can find old favorites like the carousel (1946) and The Blue Streak (1964) along with modern day marvels like The Millennium Force (2000) with its famous 80 degree drop.

With an amusement park's reputation of bringing in the cream of the crop of trashy people I'll bet you're all expecting me to go looking like this:


(Photo credit top left:, top right:, bottom left:, bottom right: - as always if you are the original owner of any of these images and would like me to take them down I would be happy to remove them at your request.)

My goal tomorrow is to show that you can visit an amusement and still look stylish. Here's a peak at my real outfit:

I bought a pair of legging shorts from Forever 21 to wear under my dress so that I can remain modest while enjoying the rides! (I actually switched these out for the my black pair at the last minute though!)

And here's my outfit for the car ride tonight:

Even more important than the outfit is the bag and what to bring in it. I'm going to be bringing two bags. My larger purple one to store drawing and reading materials and my American Eagle plaid bag (yes it's's the only bag with a zipper that matches my outfit!) because it has zippers and enough room to store my essentials. Also it has a long strap so I can wear it across my shoulder so I won't lose it during the rides. I'm going to rent a day locker for my purple bag and leave it there until I need it. The small shoulder bag I'll bring around with me for the day.

Here's a peak at what I'm packing:

A whole pharmacy's worth of meds:

Clean face and teeth (and feet):

Blotting papers:


Hair Stuff:

For Jewelry I decided to go with studs and a long necklace that I can tuck in during rides. I packed a few bracelets at the last minute too.

Swimsuit (kitty not included!):

And of course no road trip would be complete without yummy snacks!

Sadly I won't be able to go on all of the rides because of my back condition. This is why I'll be bringing a sketch book and reading material with me for the rides I'll have to pass on.

As far as make-up goes I'll definitely be using waterproof products and will probably keep things more natural looking. I'm not going to want to get off the log ride with mascara running down my face! On top of that if it's really hot outside I don't want to feel like my face is melting off all day.

Well, that's it for my amusement park tips. We're leaving tonight and sleeping in a hotel, that way we can fully enjoy the park from open 'til close. We'll be heading back Saturday afternoon. I'm so excited for the trip! Eeeeeeeeeee!

(I've still been feeling under the weather, but I decided to go anyway. Hopefully this fever is done with by tomorrow morning!!!)

Oh yeah, before you leave for any trip don't forget to say goodbye to your loved ones!!!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vintage Wednesday #31/Trip to the D.I.A

Oh Friday...what a great day you were! Like I said in my last post my brother was in town this past week (from San Diego), so I had a good time catching up with him. I decided to use this outfit for Vintage Wednesday (even though I wore it last Friday) because this is my absolute favorite vintage skirt! So let's just go with the flow here. Good? Okay.

Friday we spent another day with my mom. We got together in the early evening and visited with my grandma. She doesn't always know who we are anymore, but she does really enjoy the company.

After the visit we headed downtown to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts. I hadn't been there since I was in high school and it's been on my list of things to do before Jon and I leave Michigan. While I was in Chicago I was so spoiled by having free access to the Art Institute any time that I wanted. I used to visit the art museum about 5 times a week. I had favorite paintings and rooms to hang out in. I'd sit down and just eaves drop on other people's interpretations of the art work. I miss that privilege so much. I always liked the D.I.A, so I'm glad we were able to visit.

We had dinner in the cafe. Mmmmm. I had a vegetarian quasidilla...

and Jon enjoyed his sammy....

After dinner we took in a classical concert where the Diego Rivera murals are. The concert lasted about an hour and the elderly lady who was playing piano was absolutely amazing. She had some major talent. Once the concert ended we walked around the museum for about 2 hours and re-discovered our old favorites.

We saw some awesome puppets (including the original Howdy Doody!):

These shots came out a bit blurry, but it was the best we could do without using a flash:

Excerpt from the Book of the Dead:

We took my mom home after the museum and Jon, my brother, and I headed to Royal Oak for ice cream and then a midnight screening of Fight Club. As you can see from two posts back I'm a huge Fight Club fan, hehe. So it was a really great day.

The skirt that I'm wearing is actually a pair of coolots. When I originally got it I tried to hide the fact that they were coolots, but now I rock them with pride, hahaha. I tried something different with pairing it with the teal, floral shirt. I was a little unsure of the pairing at first, but the red in the top and the red in the skirt are both the same shade, so it pulls the outfit together. I decided to tone down the pattern mixing a bit by wearing neutrals with the brown belt and flats. Oh and it was a little chilly so I wore my polka dot nylons to keep my legs warm! I love them!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Vinatge Wednesday! I know it was more about my day at the museum than about my vintage skirt. Next week I'll be back on schedule with a regular installment of Vintage Wednesday. :)

The Breakdown:


Jean Jacket: Guess
Floral Skirt: Harburt, Vintage
Floral Top: Target
Polka Dot Nylons: Target
Tan Flats: Target, Gift

Brown Belt: Thrifted
Navy Purse: Thrifted
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Gift

P.S. Thursday night Jon and I will be setting out on a road trip to Cedar Point! I haven't been there since high school so I'm super excited! So tomorrow I'll be doing a post on how to stay fashionable at a theme park and what to bring with you.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Loveliest of all Was the Unicorn

My younger brother is taking a week off from his busy law school life to visit for the week. It's been nice having him around. Last Tuesday I went with him and my mom to the Detroit Zoo. It's been a good two years since I was last there, so I'm glad we went. I decided on a more casual outfit to make strolling around a lot easier. This post is seriously photo heavy, so I'm going to cut myself off here and let the photos do the rest of the talking...

Phew, what a lot of pictures! I really enjoyed playing photographer though. Without being able to make films right now (I have to buy a bolex, or find a good lab that will process my super 8 film...) I'm finding photography is turning into my creative outlet. It's not as great as working with the physical material, but I do enjoy editing each photograph in photoshop! My little point and shoot may not be too fancy, but every once in a while it surprises me with really great images.

The Breakdown:


Plaid Tunic: Derek Heart
Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Thrifted
Wedges: Payless

Sunglasses: Forever 21
Ball Necklace: H&M
Blue Beaded Necklace: Thrifted
Watch: Gift
Gold Bracelet: H&M