Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cloudy Spring Day with a Leopard

I couldn't go to my new photo spot today because there was an ambulance parked by the building. Geez. So instead I set up shop in downtown Royal Oak. I haven't mastered the confidence of taking my own photos alone in a crowded public place yet...which is why I'm not smiling...or in some cases just making a weird (and awkward) half smile face...

Jon needs the computer tonight for writing so I only have a few minutes to update! Eek! Now I'm nervous! My brain feels like mush from work today. It was really busy and stressful. I'm glad we're busy though. Now I'm home and I'm going to watch some netflix and make cupcakes for tomorrow. Why is tomorrow so special you ask? No, it's not my birthday....nice try. Tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of my car accident. I'm going to do a whole post on it tomorrow, so stay tuned dear readers.

I am obsessed with the color of this shirt! It's the most flattering shade of teal ever. Seriously. EVER. To top it off the pink and coral florals add the perfect amount of color contrast. Then to even top that off the shirt is "I can't stop touching this it feels so good" soft. It's like it was washed with a billion pounds of fabric softener.

This hat is a recent thrift store find...and oh how I love it! The neutral color goes with all of my coats and I adore the bow on the side!

I took this picture and realized my shoe was untied. Haha.

The Breakdown:


Leopard Print Coat: H&M, Sale
Shirt: Target, Sale
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Shoes: Thrifted

Felt Hat: Thrifted
Belt: Gift
Purse: Thrifted
Cream Floral Bracelet: Gift
Gold Bracelet: H&M
Blue and White Bracelet: Thrifted


Friday, April 8, 2011

The Lager House

Even tough it was a bit chilly yesterday it was a wonderfully sunny day in Michigan. During the day I ran errands, put air in my bike tires (although one wouldn't fill up...), and did some spring cleaning. Then later at night Jon and I went to downtown Detroit to watch some local bands play (which included some of my co-worker's bands). It was a nice night out. If you're a musician or music lover I have to admit Detroit is a great place to be. When I was in high school I used to go downtown all of the time to watch various bands play. Music used to be the biggest part of my life and now I feel it's sort of slipped away. Having to pay for music is what did me in. It used to be if I came across a band I'd like I could download their music for free. Then I could support them through buying merchandise or going to their show. However, now that I have to pay for music it's much more difficult to keep up with all of the new bands and even just keeping tabs on older bands I like is difficult. So I guess my point is it was nice to get out and hear something different for a change.

When we got back from the show I worked on my next round of fashion illustrations. I should have them up soon. I meant for them to be up by the 1st but I just got so busy that I haven't had time to finish them.

I kept the outfit fairly casual yesterday. The cardigan and skirt have both been around for quite a few years now. They are old ladies in clothes years. I still love them though. Because of their muted colors I find it's easy to style both the skirt and the cardigan with many different items, which is always a good thing.

The Breakdown:


Shirt: H&M, Thrifted
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Sale
Purple Tights: Thrifted
Shoes: Target

Headband: H&M
Ball Necklace: H&M


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vintage Wednesday #25

Look it's the 25th edition of Vintage Wednesday! Whoo! It feels like there should be more, although I know when I first started I wasn't doing a great job at keeping it up every week. This week I'm featuring my super awesome 70's lace maxi dress. This is a recent addition to my vintage collection. To be honest I was going to buy it for my art opening, but I thought I wanted something more playful so I put it back on the rack. A week or so went by and I found myself still thinking about it. I couldn't zip it up all of the way in the dressing room without help so I was unsure if it was even going to fit. I tried to push it out of my mind. Two weeks went by, three weeks went by...and I'm still thinking about it. This was about the time that I started collecting money from the paintings that I sold in my art show. I decided to treat myself to one nice thing with the money and put the rest of it in savings. So here you are looking at that one nice thing! (It did end up a glove!) It was only $18! Unfortunately there isn't a label on the inside so I'm not sure where it's from.

I love the color of this dress. It's like a salmon pink. I think it looks good with my red hair and skin tone. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of maxi dresses or skirts. I like the look on other girls, but not so much on myself. This dress is an exception to the rule and I love it. Although I do not like the term "maxi" because it makes me think of "maxi pad". Why can't we just say long? Is there a history behind the term that I'm not aware?

To complete the full flower child look I decided to wear my floral wreath!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Vintage Wednesday! Check back next week for more vintage fun!

Oh and P.S. I took a spontaneous trip to the thrift store today and scored a pair of high waisted wide legged bell bottoms...for $4.80....awesome!!! They are from old navy, but they have a vintage look. I am so excited to style them up! They have been on my wish list for about 6 months now!

P.P.S. I've been really busy the past few days and haven't had a chance to do much blog reading or reply to comments. I'm going to play catch up tomorrow - I have the day off!!! (My first day off in about 8 days...)

The Breakdown:


Dress: Vintage
Socks: Filene's Basement
Shoes: Steve Madden, ebay

Bracelet: Gift
Ball Necklace: H&M
Belt: Gift
Earrings: Forever 21
Floral Wreath: Renaissance Festival, Gift