Saturday, April 2, 2011

From the Hat's Point of View

My hair was a little greasy this morning and I didn't want to wash it because (I thought) I was going to dye it tonight so to remedy the situation I grabbed some pins and donned my purple vintage hat with netting. I kept getting compliments all day long about how fancy I looked. The thing is - I was in my work clothes all day! Bowling shirt and all! Last time I checked "bowling shirt" and "fancy" didn't quite go together. It's funny how much a hat can change an outfit. It's also funny how in general if you wear anything short of a baseball cap it's automatically considered "dressed up".

Here's what I looked like with the bowling shirt on:

The weather in Detroit has been crazy today. It's been sunny and warm, sunny and cold, gloomy and raining, and gloomy and snowing. Geez, make up your mind already Michigan!

I have a few exciting projects that I'm working on right now. I'm trying to start marketing myself better as an artist, so I'm setting up a diviant art page and an etsy shop to sell my work. I'm also in the process of starting a separate blog for film and art reviews. Then on top of those projects I'm also trying to add learning Italian, sewing, and practicing piano into my schedule. I feel like I don't manage my time very well. It's mostly a result from the medicine I'm taking for my pain - it makes me really sleepy all of the time. So anytime I'm not at work I just want to cuddle in bed with my kitties. It would also be easier if I had a set daily schedule, but with working afternoons some days and nights others it's impossible to get into a routine. If anyone has any tips on organizing your time I'd love to hear them! I really need some help!

The Breakdown:


Black Turtleneck: H&M
Black Skirt: Heart, Moon, Star, Thrifted
Dotted Tights: Target
Shoes: Thrifted

Purple Hat with Netting: Vintage, ebay
Bow Ring: Target are some adorable photos I took of the kitties today!

"Looking Forward"



Friday, April 1, 2011

Zombie Invasion

If you follow my twitter you'll know that yesterday I died and went to cheesecake heaven.

Here's what I looked like before average girl in her late 20's...having fun and enjoying life...

Until the cheesecake came around...

Now I look like this:

I'm forced to spend my days among the living was worth it though...

Haha, April Fool's! Okay, that was a pretty lame attempt at an April Fool's joke, but I had to try, right? Actually I had to dress up like a zombie for work yesterday, which was awesome. I even won a $25 gift card for my make-up! Of course I couldn't resist taking outfit pictures with the zombie make-up on! I have to wear all black to work, but it would have been awesome if I were wearing something pastel and super girly! Either way it's still funny. I actually drove like this to work! I'm sure I freaked out quite a few people as it's not anywhere near Halloween, haha.

Here's a peak at the make-up process that I went through. It took about 2 1/2 hours total. The fake eye was made with gauze and the lovely rotting flesh is actually (clean, unused) toilet paper glued to my face. Yes, I said glued. As in Elmer's glue. I'm that hardcore.

Step 1: Start with a nice clean face.

Step 2: Apply regular foundation/powder and tie all of your hair back so it's off of your face.

Step 3: Choose where you want the rotting flesh to be and apply toilet paper. Put glue over the whole toilet paper sheet (2 ply works best), then wait about 45 minutes for it to dry completely.

Step 4: While you are waiting for the toilet paper to dry you can start on the fake eye. I only needed to use the eye guaze. I bought both because I wasn't sure if the eye one was going to be too small or not. On a flat surface draw out your eye shape and use markers to color in the parts that you want colored.

Step 5: Use spirit gum to attach the gauze to your face.

Step 6: There are actually a few things I did here. I used clown make-up to white out my face, neck, and ears. I have really pink skin so without the white paint I would look way too healthy for a zombie! The next thing I did was add regular make-up. I was in the mood to do a sort of 20's I made my eyebrows really long, I put on dark green and black eyeshadow, and I attempted to make my lips heart shaped. Also I started applying foundation to the gauze and toilet paper to give it a fleshy color.

Step 7: I used pink, purple, and blue eyeshadows to make my skin and the fake flesh look sunken in and rotting.

Step 8: Last I added a little fake blood and voila! Zombie!

The Breakdown:


Dress, Tights, and Shoes: All Target!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Wednesday #24 Part 2

For part 2 of Vintage Wednesday I wanted to share my personal take on 60's mod fashion and show how this look can be accomplished with contemporary clothing. I kept going back and forth as to whether or not I wanted to wear vintage for this post, but I decided it would be more fun to show the look from today's point of view.

I layered a pair of red fishnets over the red tights to add texture. I really like the way it looks. These tights were actually on the chopping block last week when I was organizing my tights drawer. I never wear them and I couldn't think of a way to style them. I'm so glad I ended up keeping them though!

I love the print of this tunic. I always want to say that it's paisley, but really it's more of a psychedelic floral that just looks like paisley.

Jon was looking very nice in his Zelda shirt, so he wanted to be included. I told him the post was about mods, but he didn't care. Haha, what a wonderful husband I have. Whenever I'm doing something and not paying attention to him he wants to be involved.

Photography: Jon Knitter and myself

The Breakdown:


Red Dress: Gift
Floral Tunic: Target, Thrifted
Red Tights: Target
Red Fishnets: ?, can't remember
Shoes: Thrifted

Blue Scarf: H&M
Ball Necklace: H&M
Headband: H&M
Bracelet: Gift
Earrings: Express

Here are some awesome videos I found on YouTube that are either mod or mod inspired! Enjoy!

Awesome French Music Video that I found:

She&Him mod/retro inspired video:

Fun 60's dancing:

More 60's babes shaking their stuff:

Awesome Twiggy video!

60's Jet National Advertisement:

Scene from Who Are You, Polly Maggoo:

60's Fashion, Peggy Moffitt:

London Fashion:

I had a blast putting together this week's Vintage Wednesday and I hope you liked it to! Check back next week for more vintage fun!


Vintage Wednesday #24 - Part 1

Oh boy, you guys are so lucky - there are two parts to Vintage Wednesday today! I have so much to share that I thought it might be too overwhelming to put everything up at once. This week for Vintage Wednesday I'm featuring fashion from my favorite decade - the 60's! Even more specifically I'll be focusing on the mod movement of the early to mid-sixties. Groovy, eh?

Mini skirts? Vespas? Op-Art? Heavy eyeliner and pale lips? Yes, please! Oh how I love the mods!

(photo by F.C. Gundlach)

(photo by F.C. Gundlach)

The term 'mod' comes from 'modernist' which was a term used to describe jazz musicians and their fans in the 1950's. The sub-culture originated in London and is said to have been influenced by and perhaps even be an extension of the American beatnik movement of the 50's.

Beatnik photographs:

(artwork by Joe Bowler)

The mod movement does get a bad wrap for being a hyper-consumeristic and egotistical culture, which is the opposite of my ideals. Even so I love the fashion so much that if I wasn't married to Jon (no Nintendo in the 60's, so I don't think he'd go with me) I would get in my time machine and happily live out the rest of my days in 1960's London. It would have to be a Groundhog's Day-esque scenario, but instead of reliving one day over and over I'd just keep reliving 1960-1965 over and over. Riding around Carnaby Street and King's Road on my italian motor scooter...oh what a life!

Also, even though it was a sub-culture driven by the need to have the coolest fashions, it's important to keep in mind that the reason behind the consumerism was to break away from the mainstream fashion of previous generations. This was a youth movement being run by the youth generation who were producing the clothing that they wanted to wear, which also brought about independent clothing stores which we now know as boutiques.

Edie Sedgwick, the American face of mod:

Marianne Faithfull looking adorable in mod fashions:

Peggy Moffitt, the epitome of hip:

And of course we all know the words, 'mod' and 'Twiggy' go hand in hand:

Another thing I love about this era is how stylish the guys were! I know very few straight men who would dress this well now-a-days.

The Kinks:

The Who:

Although it wasn't necessarily the best time for a woman to be a stewardess (they couldn't get married, get pregnant, be overweight, be of a different race, and they were often sexually harassed) it was certainly the most fashionable time. This was a time when mega babes ruled the airways. I would be a stewardess in a second if this is what my outfits would look like:

By 1965-66 (in London) the movement began to give way the the more mellow feel and look of the hippie culture (although it was still popular in the U.S. and other areas for a bit longer). There was a mod revival in London in the late 70's and again in the United States in the 80's. Today (with the help of the Mad Men craze) people are once again looking to the 60's for style inspiration and mod fashions are being seen back on the runways and in magazines. I can't even explain how thrilled I am to be seeing these looks all over!

Here are some contemporary mod looks:

That's it for part 1. Part 2 will be up later tonight with a mod inspired outfit shoot and some cool videos that I found on youtube!

(All photographs for this post were found through google image search.)