Thursday, February 17, 2011

Errands + Anna Sui Fall 2011

I snapped this shot just before I left the house to do errands today. It was another warm day so I decided to walk. It was so nice to get out of the house and just walk around a bit with the wind gently blowing my hair around and the sun warming my face. Oh I am sooooo looking forward to spring!!! The rest of the day is going to be another painting day. I know it's one of the few full days I have left to paint before my show, but I'm so tired. I'm finding it difficult to get in the painting mood. Jon and I stayed up until 6 AM last night playing the new addition to the Back to the Future game that was just released. IT.IS.AWESOME.

Speaking of awesome have any of you seen the pictures from Anna Sui's Fall 2011 runway show? I am in love with everything she does. It was very difficult to choose, but I broke down my 5 favorite looks from the show to share on the blog:

At the risk of sounding cheesy can we say this dress is a huge explosion of cuteness? The way the pattern starts inward at the waist and comes out encompassing the whole dress is so interesting. The long sleeves take the dress from bold to dreamy and the matching tights are so cool. Oh, and of course I'm loving the kitty hat!

This capelet is Wow. Wow. Wow. There is some great pattern mixing going on in this look. It manages to stay chic and not over bearing by keeping everything in one color family. The mixtures of royal blue with the neon green is so mesmerizing. This outfit makes me think of some beautiful but deadly plant or sea creature. It's as if it's trying to lure you in only to gobble you up.

Again with the adorable kitty hat! Swoon! In this outfit I'm really loving the mixing of texture and neutrals. The blush/light coral colored dress has such a lovely pattern that is accentuated by the sweater. Then there's the pattern on the tights which draw the eye down to the cutest little mary janes to complete the look.

To be honest, I'm not too crazy about the bottom half of this look. However, the top alone was enough to bump it up to my top five favorites. The strong collar is what first pulls me in to this darling top. I also adore the long cuffed sleeves and the floral details throughout. I'm a big fan of purple, so that's also a huge bonus.

I had to save the best for last!!! This one is my favorite from the collection. The bold print makes such a strong statement, but it's a fun, playful statement. I love the way the black piping and detail draws your eye around the different shapes. The matching socks and shoes also help to draw the eye over the whole body as a complete work. If I were rich I would buy this dress the second that it's available. Alas, my bank account is telling me that I'll just have to settle for drooling over the pretty picture instead...

Oh and speaking of Anna Sui, I still haven't found my glasses yet. Grrrr!!! Glasses - where are you?! I hate losing things.

Izzy and NES are sitting next to me being adorable right now:

If you ever have a chance to have animals that are litter mates - go for it!!! The connection and love for each other that they share is so amazing. It's so much fun watching them grow up together - cuddling, sleeping, wrestling,'s so adorable!

The Breakdown:


Coat: H&M
Skirt: The Gap - Gift, Thrifted
Tights: Target - Sale
Boots: Payless


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Wednesday #19

This week for Vintage Wednesday I would like to debut my beautiful new collar that I won in a giveaway from Golden Fur Vintage and the lovely Ashley of Fancy Fine.

I felt it would only be appropriate to show off such an exquisite item in the fanciest of ways...and what's more fancy than a tea party?

I don't bring out this purple dress often enough. It really is a charming dress. I especially love the sequence on the shoulders. The fact that the dress is sheer makes it seem even more elegant and enchanting. I think my new collar looks so pretty with it! What a perfect match! This dress was a gift from a friend, but it was also thrifted. My friend Nicole has the best thrift store luck of anyone I know. (Seriously, she once found a Bergdorf Goodman gown at a Salvation Army.) The tag on the dress says that it was made by Flourishes, Blair. The materials aren't listed on the tag, but it feels like a silk/rayon mix.

Also I have a special treat for everyone...I made another video! Enjoy! (*Oh and fyi when after Panthro dunks his paw in the tea I'm only pretending to sip from the cup to show him what to do with it....Jon thinks it looks like I'm really sipping it, so I thought I should clarify. I love my kitties, but I don't drink from liquids after they'e dunked their paws in them.)

Time for Tea! from Cat (Midwest Mayhem) on Vimeo.

The Breakdown:


Purple Dress: Flourishes, Blair Gift, Thrifted
Floral Tights: Target

Collar: Golden Fur Vintage, won in giveaway
Belt/Ribbon: unknown?
Floral Bracelet: Gift
Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted
Floral Hair Accessory: H&M

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Vintage Wednesday! Check back next week for more vintage fun!

P.S. It's so warm here in Michigan today!!! 45 degrees! After so much snow and freezing temps it feels more like 60!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

127 Hours....Date Day!

Today Jon and I went to see 127 Hours in downtown Birmingham. It was so great! Now I'm torn as to what I want to win best picture. There are so many good movies up for best picture this year! Which is kind of ironic because up until about halfway through the year there really weren't that many good films released.

We woke up late, so I just sort of threw this outfit together really quick. Looking at the pictures I'm not sure how I feel about mixing the argyle tights with the plaid skirt, but I guess I can't win them all.

I'm going to keep this short because I have to go work on my paintings.

Do you guys think you could break your arm and then cut it off if your life depended on it? I think I could do it....but only if I knew it was either that or die...

Oh and don't forget to read my proposal story below if you haven't already! Annnnnnnndddd.....tomorrow's Vintage Wednesday is going to be a really fun one, so make sure to check back!

The Breakdown:


Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Tights: DSW
Shoes: Thrifted


Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and my Tale of Love

Did you guys know that Valentine's Day has been around since 496 AD? Originally it was established to celebrate Saint Valentinus, but there is little known about him and it was uncertain whether it was a day to commemorate just him or multiple saints with the same name. In 1969 Valentine's Day was taken out of the Catholic calendar of saints. However, Martyr Valentinus the Presbyter does remain in the list of saints to be proposed for veneration by Catholics.

Okay, I totally clicked on the the google link for Valentine's Day to get that information, haha. I love anything to do with the saints though. Their lives were all so fascinating!

Anyway...Happy Valentine's Day! I don't have a cute outfit picture for today because I'm busy working on my paintings all day. However...I realized I promised my wedding proposal story back in September and never did a post about it!'s some background information about how Jon and I met....

I just started a new job at an art theatre in Chicago. I was working at the usher stand that day tearing tickets. One of the employees came up to me to get the keys for the employee room. We introduced ourselves. I was a little overwhelmed by his tall, dark, and handsomeness.

Once the first round of movies had gone in and there was some down time he came back up to talk to me. He asked me where I was from and I said Michigan. He told me he was from Michigan too! I asked where he grew up and he was like...."oh....just some small town, you probably haven't heard of it, it's called, 'grosse pointe'". "REALLY? I'M FROM GROSSE POINTE TOO!!!," was my response. It turned out that we had both gone to the same middle school at the same time. Isn't that nuts?

Here's a list of some other crazy coincidences:

He was friends with my best friend's brother (meaning we were hanging out in the same house together)
He was in the same boy scout troop as my step-brother
He briefly went to the same elementary school as me
He went to the Scooby Doo movie the day it opened at the theatre where I was working and I tore his ticket

There are more, but I can't think of them all right now. Just think of all of the times that we could have met!

Okay, so let me jump ahead now to our wedding proposal story...

At the time Jon and I were living in a two story apartment building. He lived upstairs and I lived downstairs. So I was sound asleep in my bedroom when all of the sudden I'm awoken by my dapper boyfriend all dressed up in a suit. While romantic it was also about 5 in the morning and I had class that day at 9 AM. He handed me a flower petal and read me a poem about how he was going to take me on a journey through our past. Now, this flower petal was very significant. It wasn't just any old flower was a sunflower petal! Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I always told Jon that I wanted him to get me a 30 foot sunflower. I knew something was up, something good. So I got ready and we set off on our adventure. An adventure that became known as "proposal week". That week he took me around to all of the places that were significant to our relationship. For each romantic place I was given one more flower petal. I knew all of the flower petals were adding up to a really big sunflower...

This brings us to....

Thanksgiving weekend 2007. I was going home for the holiday and Jon was staying behind because he forgot to take the weekend off from work. (This is a very typical Jon move.) So I had a lonely train ride home, but I had a nice Thanksgiving with my family and enjoyed seeing everyone. I was really sad that Jon wasn't able to come though especially following proposal week (with no proposal yet.) I had bought a special dress that I wanted to be proposed in and I packed it because I thought that he was going to pick me up from the train station when I got back to Chicago and propose there. I was certain of it. Well, I still had to get through the weekend, so I tried to make the most of it. That weekend the Detroit Institute of Arts was having an opening party because they had just remodeled the museum. It was suppose to be a huge event and my step mom said that she would take me. I was so excited. I got dressed up, but I didn't wear the proposal dress because that was suppose to be saved for Sunday when I went back to Chicago.

So we left for the museum. On the way there my step-mom mentioned that they were remodeling my old middle school. It was on the way towards Detroit, so we decided to go take a look at what they were doing. She drove me to the back of the building where the field was. There were a trail of flowers of the ground...daisies...I figured the school had just had a dance and someone had left them there. She told me to get out of the car and take a picture of them. So I did, then she handed me my purse and said, "here you might need this". I laughed and was like, "why, are you going to drive away on me?". Sure enough that's exactly what she did. So there I am, all alone stranded at my old middle school. My first reaction was to call Jon to tell him what just happened, but he didn't answer his phone. I stood there for a few minutes not really knowing what to do. I decided to go look at the trail of flowers...when out from behind the building...comes a handsome gentleman in a suit....holding a bouquet of's Jon...who is in Chicago...but he's not...he's in Grosse Pointe! I asked him how on earth he got there...he told me that he jumped. Well...he does have long legs...

So he took my hand and guided me along the path of daisies to the middle of the field....where there was a huge circle of sunflowers. He said he figured if he couldn't get me a 30 foot sunflower he would have to get me 30 sunflowers instead. He read me a speech that he had prepared about that moment. About how even though we first met in Chicago our journey began there in middle school. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and I was crying my eyes out! He had designed my engagement ring himself. It was made up of yellow gold and three sunflowers. The big one in the middle had a clear diamond and the two on the sides each had brown diamonds. In the ring box he had placed little green leaves to go with the theme. (I still have the ring box with the leaves inside...they are dried up now, but still preserved.)

We stayed out in the field for a little while...just enjoying the moment. Finally when the cold started getting to us (it was November and Jon had been outside for hours in nothing but a suit coat!) we went back to the car where my stepmom was waiting. It turned out she was in on the whole plan. She had picked him up at the airport that morning and everything.

We went back home so that I could change into my proposal dress. I had to wear it!!! Then my step-mom took us out to Greek Town in Detroit for a celebratory dinner.

It was the best day of my life. Jon and I have been married together for just over two years now and our love continues to grow each day that we're together. I love him with all of my heart - Happy Valentine's Day love!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


So my glasses have been missing for a week now. This is really upsetting, especially because my back up pair have a huge scratch over the right eye and look really dorky on me.

One time in college I lost my glasses and I was so desperate to find them that I flyered my school hoping that someone would turn them in. (It turned out they were in my apartment.)

I'm considering flyering my house, but I don't think the kitties will give me the heads up if they see them anywhere.

So far we've spent 8 great years together. I do think I need new lenses, but I was going to keep the frames. I mean, come on they're Anna Sui!


Here's a picture of me and my Anna Sui specs enjoying a cup of tea and a ride on the Amtrak: