Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pairing Down

Packing is very difficult especially when it comes to getting rid of stuff. Yesterday I went through my shoes and got rid of almost half of them. Some of them were overdo for being donated or the garbage can, but others still had a good run in them. Yes, yes I know that they are just shoes and only a material possession, but some of them have a history. For example I am throwing out the best pair of black flats I've ever owned (complete with bowed toes) because the holes in them have gotten to be out of control (even as work shoes). They were the shoes I bought for my big first dating anniversary with Jon. We had the best fondue dinner I've ever had in my life, went to a chinese circus, and watched fireworks on a boat on the Chicago river. Those little black shoes walked all over Chicago that night in their patent leather glory. Now they are in the trash...


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  1. Awww Cat I am going to miss you! Do I get to see you before you leave? I wanna say goodbye :(


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