Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Post - Heart Full of Daisies

Hi there! My name is Kate from Heart Full of Daisies, and I’m filling in for Cat as she and Jon make their way to sunny San Diego! They will be missed in Michigan, but I can't wait to hear how life on the west coast treats them! 

When Cat told me the theme for this guest post week was, “Favorite Thing About Michigan,” I immediately thought of a million things that I love out this mitten state! Originally haling from central Illinois, Michigan is a totally different world. I grew up surrounded by corn and bean fields for miles on end, where trees weren’t everywhere you turned, and the closest thing to a big lake would be little rivers and ponds! Besides the beautiful people I’ve met here in Michigan, I’d have to say my favorite element about this state is the gorgeous Lake Michigan.  I know that sounds like a typical answer from most people who live on the west side of the state, but for me, there are so many meanings and memories tied to this blue body of water.

The first time I visited Michigan was back in my high school days.  I paid a visit to a friend who was currently attending Hope College in Holland, Michigan and I was instantly swept away by the friendliness of the town, the quaint downtown, and of course, the shores of Lake Michigan.  Even though it was nearing winter, the waves crashing onto the pier that day were so beautiful and made me want to stay for summer. After another visit the following year, I decided I wanted to come here for college. The funny thing was, I didn’t apply to any other places, I knew I wanted to be in Holland, MI...I like to think that the Lake chose me.

Holland, MI
After three years of college, I met Zachary.  I had just came out of a bad breakup and wasn't looking for another serious boyfriend, but Zach won me over.  I will never forget the first time he told me he loved me... we drove out to a special spot on the Saugatuck Dunes, overlooking Lake Michigan. He had brought sandwiches, a bottle of wine, and sour patch kids (my favorite candy). As we sat watching the waves roll in, he told me he had a present for me.  Speaking such sweet words as he put a necklace around my neck, telling me how much he cared for me and how I meant the world to him, I knew I wouldn't let this guy go.

Saugatuck Dunes
Fast forward another three years as Zach and I both stand before the shores of Lake Michigan again, this time as husband and wife.  From the moment we started talking about where to get married, the conversation always lead back to the Lake.  

Our Wedding - Photography by Bryan & Mae
There has been so many amazing memories on the shores of Lake Michigan, I can only imagine how many more will fill our lives and hearts. 

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Thanks Cat for letting me guest post about my favorite part of Michigan! 


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  1. You & Zach look so happy on the shores on Lake Michigan! Even though I grew up in Michigan, this past year was my first time in Holland and I can definitely see how it's easy to fall in love with - what an adorable town! I really loved walking around there.


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