Friday, October 21, 2011

Brown & Gold

Just popping in for a minute here. This is an outfit I wore the other day to go out to lunch with Jon's uncle and cousin. For the most part I've been living in sweatpants and hoodies (super glamorous, I know). So it was nice to wear normal clothes for a day. (Even when they are covered in lint from packing...) The house is pretty much completely packed! My last day of work is Sunday and then next week our focus will be on scrubbing the house clean and patching holes and all of that good stuff. We've been excellent at staying on schedule so far. I think we've been so good about it because we both know how exhausting the move day is, so we know by now to have everything completely finished before we get the van. We'll be picking up our van next Friday and then we leave on Saturday (1 week and 1 day)! Eek!

The Speedy Girl contest is over, however you can read an interview I did for them here!


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  1. oh I love these colors together!! Cat I am going to miss you!


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