Thursday, February 24, 2011

White Fluff and Pink Sweater

I've got to keep this short as I'm leaving for work in a minute...but I just wanted to share some outfit shots that I snapped really quick after running errands this afternoon. Great news - I found my glasses!!!! They were on my living room floor the whole time, haha. I'm just glad that no one had stepped on them.

I love this pink sweater so much! It is so soft and warm and perfect to wear with a full, fluffy skirt. I just want to dance around and spin in circles all day long. A little girl came up to me today and told me that I looked really pretty. It was so adorable. Hehe. She also insisted that I go ahead of her in line, she was so sweet.

Okay, well I've got to run. Tomorrow is the Blogger Meet-up in Grand Rapids, I'm so excited! I still haven't decided what to wear yet though!!!

The Breakdown:


Purple Coat: Nine West, Gift
Pink Sweater: Lord & Taylor, Thrifted
White Skirt: Forever 21, Thrifted

Blue Necklace: Thrifted
Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted
Hat: Found at old apartment
Fingerless Gloves: Thrifted
Glasses: Anna Sui



  1. I am so in love with your kitty, but I love mine a ton too. Great look, following you, follow me back?

  2. Did you pull a Velma... My glasses, where's my glasses!?

  3. the meetup sounds like fun! Don't you just love little kids that have a sense of fashion?

  4. Damn Cat! You are a little sex kitten!! :P I am glad that you found your glasses :)

  5. me encanta tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!



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