Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Dress!

Hey everyone! My dress for the holidays came in the mail today!!! How exciting! Here's a sneak peak:

So my challenge is to style this dress 3 different ways: holiday party, christmas, and new year's eve. Let the creativity begin!

I'm excited for tomorrow because Black Swan is opening at my theatre! The staff is all going to dress up in black swan make-up for the weekend! Although I am a little worried I'll be the only one dressed up. Hehe. Oh well, it will be fun. I've been really excited for this movie for awhile now. I loved Aronofsky's films - Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and The Wrestler. Also, I read that the wardrobe was done by Rodarte! Not to mention I've always loved Mila Kunis since her babelicious days on That 70's Show. I'm so excited to see her take on such a huge role! There's an interview with her in Nylon about the movie and it got me so much more pumped than I already was!! In a nutshell this film has a major swoon factor for me. We might have an employee screening tonight...eeeekkk!! So excited!! I promise to take pictures of my Black Swan make-up for the blog!

Watch the trailer!!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trimming the Tree!

Monday night Jon and I set up and trimmed our very first Christmas tree together! We've had a small one that we used in the apartment, but it didn't really count as a true tree. You couldn't put any ornaments on it!

We also started trimming the rest of the house too. We have about 8 wreaths and I have no idea where to put them all!

I love my husband so much! It was so nice to have a night off together and set everything up. Jon wanted to put all of his toys on the tree and at first I said no, but eventually I gave in. I actually like the tree with the action figures on it now. It's much more fun with ninja turtles. Hehe. And don't you love our Super Mario star as our tree topper?

Creepy poster eye watching Jon while he works!

I wore my new candy cane shirt that I bought from Target for $5 recently!

Oh yeah and doesn't Izzy look beautiful with her new Christmas collar from etsy?


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vintage Wednesday #15

I have more holiday stuff this week for Vintage Wednesday! Monday Jon and I trimmed the tree and some of the house. We had so much vintage stuff ranging from the 40's-60's. Even the boxes from the ornaments were so amazing! I just love the illustrations on them. Yes, in the first one you are seeing Uncle Sam and Santa shaking hands. How strange. Hehe. Jon wasn't a huge fan of the vintage stuff. He said it was old and boring. Yeah right. This stuff rocks.

Look at the santa and the tree on this box! So great!

I also found some old glitter that I put out as a decoration. I thought these looked like they should be in a museum or something. I love the print on them.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's addition of Vintage Wednesday! Check back next week for more vintage fun!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Layering in Winter - Brrrrr!

I've been spoiled since I moved back to Michigan because unless I'm just going down the street I have to drive if I want to go anywhere. However, after living through 7 Chicago winters without a car I've become a master of layering and keeping it stylish. The #1 thing you need is tights. Tights will become your best friend over the winter. Nylons are out unless it's a special occasion. If you go for regular tights, you'll want to wear at least 2 pairs. This can allow for some creativity as you can layer a more sheer pair over an opaque pair. Another option is sweater tights. With these I'll usually wear a pair of nylons or sheer/lightweight tights underneath for extra warmth. If I'm wearing pants I'll wear a pair of regular tights underneath in lieu of thermal leggings, because I think they are more comfortable.

Usually I'll try to wear heavier cottons or wool for my skirts, dresses, and tops. However, if I'm layered up enough I can wear a summer dress with heavy tights or skinny jeans along with a bunch of sweaters and be absolutely fine. On top I'll usually layer a tank top and long sleeved shirt under my sweater. When I'm ready to go outside I'll put on a 2nd sweater and my coat and I'll be nice and toasty.

Scarves are also a key to keeping warm. Many people (like my husband!) think they are unnecessary, but they do a lot to keep your neck and lower face warm. If you wrap you scarf around your head, you can keep your hair and upper head warm too! Also, a having an assortment of scarves in your wardrobe can help you to get through the winter without feeling like you're wearing the same thing everyday.

Boots are the next key to the layering process. Over my tights I'll put on a pair of thick socks. No one is going to see them, because your boots will hide them (unless you want them to be visible, in which case you can just pull them above the top of your boots.) A good pair of boots is so important because not only do they keep your feet warm, but they will keep them dry too! You might not mind the wet snow right away, but when it takes hours for your socks to dry and you're getting blisters, you're going to wish you'd stayed dry to begin with!

Last, don't forget your hat and gloves/mittens. These are another way to accessorize your winter outfit. Depending on the style you can create any number of looks from classic, to playful, to fancy, etc. So, it's best to have a few pairs available. Otherwise you're stuck wearing the same thing every day all winter and you're going to drive yourself crazy waiting for spring to come so you can finally wear something different!

Those are all of my tips. They seem to have worked for me over the past few years. Now go forth and be warm!

P.S. Don't you just despise those girls that go out in nothing but a tube top and light blazer when it's 10 degrees and then they complain that it's cold? Ugh.