Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leopard in Black

What a busy day. I'm home from work from my first job and now I'm off to my second job. Jon and I got these pictures just in time! As soon as we got in the house the sun went down completely.

I am officially loving these leopard print tights. They look so classy with a plain black dress and they are the most comfortable pair of tights that I own.

This picture of Jon, NES, and Panthro cracks me up! Panthro looks so angry! Poor kitties.

The Breakdown:


Coat: Gift
Dress: H&M
Tights: DSW
Shoes: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vintage Wednesday #11

For this week's addition of vintage wednesday, I wanted to share an accessory that most of us are going to start wearing soon: gloves.

That's right ladies (and gents), like it or not the weather is starting to get chillier and it's about time to start protecting our delicate fingers.

I bought this charming pair of gloves at an antique shop in western Michigan. When I first bought them, I didn't wear them at all. They were in good condition, not great, but not falling apart either. I was worried that if I wore them I'd ruin them and then I'd feel awful for ruining something so pretty. So, they just sat in my drawer.

Then I started reasoning with myself - if I only wore them on special occasions it would still be okay. So, I started wearing them out on dates and to family gatherings. Then eventually I decided that they really did me no good sitting in my drawer and only surfacing here and there. Finally I gave them the freedom that they were longing for and started wearing them out whenever I felt like it. They don't look quite as good anymore, but them important part is that they are loved.

If you're looking to incorporate vintage into your outfit, but are worried about looking too out-of-date, I'd suggest starting with something simple like a pair of gloves. These make me feel so ladylike and sophisticated. Unfortunately I don't know what decade they are from, but I would guess they were from the early part of the 20th century if they were in an antique shop. I may be pushing the line between antique and vintage here, but I'm hoping that we can let it slide, because I really wanted to share these with you.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's addition of Vintage Wednesday, check back next week for more vintage fun!


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Red Red Day

I wore a whole bunch of red today. I didn't have my outfit planned out before work, so I just started with the skirt and paired things from there. Does anyone else start with one item and add on or do you work with everything at once? Once I had the red skirt on I was in a full on red mood, so I went with the red turtleneck too. I had to wear the belt because I have to wear a walkie at work and I need a place to attach it. So, I've learned that if I'm going to wear something that isn't tucked in a belt is essential to not looking like a fool.

I've noticed that I find myself not wearing as many accessories right now. With the warmer clothes and different collars I've been wearing lately I really haven't had a need to add anything.

This week is going to be a really tough one. Between my two jobs I don't have a day off. Also, my last day off was last Tuesday and my next day off isn't until this upcoming Sunday. Sooooo...that means I will have worked a total of 11 days straight. Yikes! The days of working 3 days a week and having 4 days off are finally over! (For now anyway.) I may be going slightly crazy and the pile of dishes in the kitchen are starting to get out of hand, but hey at least I'm making more money, right?

The Breakdown:


Turtleneck Sweater: L'abeille
Beige Shirt (underneath): Urban Outfitters
Red Skirt: Thrifted
Pink Socks: DSW
Shoes: Payless

Belt: H&M
Glasses: Anna Sui


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dress + Skirt = Dress

I was so happy with this outfit and so disappointed that I didn't get outdoor pictures of it. (Jon was being lazy that day. I hate not having a tripod!!!) The top is actually a dress (which you've seen on this blog before) and I'm wearing a skirt (which I thrifted last week!) over the dress. The skirt is so darling, I just love it. It's all black, so I can wear it to work, but it has an even darker black print on it which makes it interesting and eye catching. Next time I'll remember to get a close-up of it. I thought the belt worked to break up the black and went with the tone of the green cardigan. I felt pretty and creative in this outfit and I got a lot of good feedback on it.

I just watched the season finale of Mad Men. I won't get into specifics incase everyone hasn't watched it yet - but I'm slightly disappointed with the direction the final episode went in. Overall I liked it and I really loved this season in particular, but I'm not believing the thing they're trying to pull.

Anyway, can you fellow midwesterners believe this autumn weather? Sure, it is starting to get a little chilly at night, but during the day it's still gorgeous out. Jon and I are going to have a fall cider mill date soon. I'm so excited to decorate our house for halloween! I always tried to decorate the apartment, but Jon thought it was silly because most people couldn't really see the decorations. Now that we live in a house though we have to go all out and have the scary house on the street! I really hope we both have Halloween off. I really want to pass out candy with Jon. What good is a scary house if you're not home to pass out candy, right?

The Breakdown:


Dress: Anna Sui
Skirt: Thrifted
Cardigan: H&M
Tights: DSW
Shoes: Payless