Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weight Loss Plan

So I know my main purpose of this blog is to be a fashion blog, but since starting it has also scaled into the realm of lifestyle blog. I like that it's more personal. When I'm reading blogs I find the ones that pull in a touch of their personal lives to be the most interesting.

With that said, this post is less about fashion and more about me. I have been inspired by the weight loss goals and stories of Tieka of Selective Potential and Sara of She is Sara. They have given me the courage to write about my own weight loss dilemma.

Last summer I gained about 15 lbs due to a medication that I was taking. I thought after I stopped taking the medication that the weight would just drop off (I've seen this happen with other people before) but I was not so fortunate. I have been really insecure about my body since then and I don't even like for my husband to look at me. I figured if the weight didn't drop right away that it would at least drop by the end of summer. Usually I gain about 10 lbs in the winter and lose it naturally over the summer because the heat usually makes food seem disgusting to me and I'm just more active in general.

I was really disappointed when that didn't happen. Then during this past winter despite my hard work I still managed to gain the usual 10 lbs. This put me up 25 pounds total to my current weight of 148 lbs. I apologize to any ladies out there who are rolling their eyes and thinking that I'm ridiculous for complaining about this. For some women, depending on their height this may be a healthy weight. But for me at 5'4" and a smaller "body frame" my healthy weight is between 120-132 lbs. Wii fit also agrees that I'm slightly overweight for my height and should aim for a healthier weight and BMI.

The reason I'm writing this for all of the world to see is that this is something I've always been ashamed to talk about. I was never what you'd consider "overweight", but as a child I was always a bit heavier than average. My parents and siblings use to tease me about it and even though I know now that they didn't mean much by it, it has always been something that has stuck with me. I've never felt comfortable talking about my weight ever since then and I think this is part of what is making it difficult for me to lose weight. Without publicly discussing it, I'm able to fall back on my plan and no one will know.

So, I'm taking the first step just like an addict would by admitting that I have a problem.

I have no desire to be "skinny". I love my curves and I'd like for them to look their best. The least I've weighed during my adult life was 117 lbs. I know by Hollywood standards this is probably still considered "fat", but for me it was skinny. People would always be commenting on how thin I was, my clothes never fit me right, and in pictures I just looked tired and drained instead of healthy.

This is how I would like to look again:

My goal weight is 125 lbs.

I use to be able to wear these adorable dresses, but now they don't fit me:

I actually made $20 from wearing the floral one once. I was sitting at a bus stop in Chicago and a creepy guy came up and started talking about how adorable he thought I was. He threw a $20 bill in my hands and then walked away. Weird. Anyway, I have not been able to wear these dresses all summer and they've just been hanging sadly in my closet.

Back to my point though, I eat pretty healthy overall. I'm not a super serious health nut or anything, but I watch what I eat and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I'm a vegetarian, I never eat fast food, and I rarely drink carbonated beverages. However, I do have a good idea of what has been preventing me from losing weight.

1) The first problem I have is that I work late. I eat dinner at work and then by the time I get home I'm hungry again. This wouldn't be a problem if I went to bed right when I got home, but I tend to stay up about 3-4 hours after I get home. So from now on if I am hungry when I get home I am first going to try to drink something and see if that helps, if not I'll try a small bowl of raw veggies.

2) The second problem is peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter. I am definitely going to have to cut down on the peanut butter if I want to lose weight. In my defense I do usually eat natural peanut butter that is just peanuts and salt, but it's still really fattening, even if it's the good kind of fat.

3) Third, my medicine makes me really tired. I take way too many naps. I can't really help this though. I get so tired that I just pass out and it's so hard for me to wake up once I'm down. I don't know how to change this while I'm still on medication, but I'm going to try to watch TV or do some kind of relaxing activity instead of completely taking a nap.

4) I have a serious sweet tooth. I have some major sugar cravings throughout the day and no matter how healthy I try to be I still end up eating cookies or ice cream or nutella or something very yummy but very bad for me. I'm going to try to have a sugar day once a week. During the other six days of the week I'm going to try to eat some fruit when I start craving the sweets.

5) With my back injury I have to be careful about what kind of exercising I do. I cannot do anything that will cause strain on my lower back. This limits me to mainly stretching exercises and small weights. In Chicago I was walking everywhere, but now that I'm in Michigan even though I walk when I can most places are not walkable. I do have Wii fit, but the game room we set up doesn't give me much room to use it. I'm going to try to make the effort to move things around and start using it again. It's helpful since it tracks everything you do.

I am hoping that posting my progress on a weekly basis will keep me motivated and help me to meet my goal.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Wednesday #5

Today for Vintage Wednesday I'd like to share with you my awesome record player from the 60's:

This blonde little lady still works great even after all of these years. It takes her a minute to get started, but after that she's gold. She actually belongs to my family, but for the time being she's being used by me.

I can't find the brand listed anywhere on the cabinet, but I know that it was bought in 1962. It belonged to my step-grandmother, who bought it at a TV/Record Player store on Gratiot in Detroit. My step-mom said she knows it was bought in 1962 because that is about the time that the song "El Paso" was popular and that was the first record that they listened to on the record player, or "the stereo" as she would have called it then.

It's a little smaller than the more popular styles at the time. Also, it was more common to buy your record player and TV together as one piece of furniture. However, my step-mom said that her mother bought hers separately because otherwise if your TV or record player broke you'd have to throw the whole cabinet away, even if one was still working.

Yes, yes, I know she's so beautiful!!

I feel like things really were built to last back then. Today we are replacing our iPods and other music devices every few years. It's a shame that we don't buy things with long term play in mind. Although I do have another record player that my husband bought me from Target. It's meant to look like an old record player, even though it's relatively new. I've had it for about 3 years now. Let's see if it will last another 50...

I hope you've enjoyed this installment of Vintage Wednesdays. Check back next week for more vintage fun!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Work Appropriate (for a movie theatre) 60's

One thing I love about the theatre company I work at is that even though we have a uniform, we're still able to style that uniform to make it completely unique.

I still wanted to dress 60's yesterday even though I wasn't attending a Mad Men party, but I had to work the outfit around my work uniform.

I chose to add a peter pan collar to my work shirt (which right now happens to be a t-shirt promoting the movie, "The Kids Are Alright". I have to wear either black pants or a black skirt to work, so I chose to wear a skirt. I wore large, chunky jewelry, and did heavy eye-makeup with a nude lip. For my hair I back combed it on top to make the bouffant, tried the rest in a low pony tail and added a large, black bow.

I'm so proud of what I did for my shoes!! I've been wanting shoes that tie in the middle for so long. They would have to be a flat or very low heel because of my back injury. I can't afford new shoes though, but I've been thinking that my old tap shoes are actually the perfect style that I've been looking for. I lost their laces along time ago, so I cut up some blue ribbon (I didn't have any black ribbon) and I had my dream shoes!!! They did tap a little if I put pressure on the front of my foot, but for the most part they were fairly quiet. (Apparently I had dropped some water on them, which you can see in the pictures. Oops!!)

And there you have it, my 60's look for Mad Men night! When I got home from work (after my car dying....but that's another story) I was so happy to see that it was already available for watching online. Yay!! It was soooo good!!! I thought it was a little self-aware at times, but other than that perfection!!


In other news I harvested some food from my garden today! I cannot tell you enough how great this feels. If you have a small spot of land for gardening, I would definitely recommend it.

The thing that was the most time consuming was washing the produce. Since it was coming right from my garden complete with dirt and bugs I had to go through and wash every leaf separately. I am so proud of myself though and I'm able to feel good about what I'm eating AND I'm saving money.

I'm making an eggplant casserole with the eggplant and next time I go grocery shopping I'm going to buy pizza ingredients and make a margherita pizza with the fresh basil. Yum!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Men & My Imaginary Birthday List

After waiting for waaaaayyy too long the new season of Mad Men is finally starting today!!! Yayyyyy!!! I cannot even describe how excited I am!! And for all of my excitement, guess what? I work tonight!! That's right, I won't even be home to watch it, but still I am excited nonetheless.

If I didn't have to work I would have wanted to throw a Mad Men party. I always see so many fun pictures of Mad Men parties on everyone's lovely blogs and it's made me really want to host one. Ah, well, maybe next season.

Who is your favorite Mad Men character? Mine is Joan. I'm so glad that she's back to being involved with the company. I was so worried when she quit at Sterling Cooper that she was going to be written off the show.


Moving my birthday is coming up soon! August 15th. I was browsing Modcloth today and came up with an imaginary birthday list of things I would love to get but know I won't. Whenever I put anything on my birthday list that involves a website my family always skips right over it. They are not fans of online purchases, so I know that none of these items will realistically make it into my possession, but I can still dream, right?

Ohhhh such beautiful items!!!