Friday, April 30, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Today was so beautiful outside! Unfortunately I spent most of it running errands, but I did get to lie in the grass and read in the sun for a good 30 minutes or so.

I got so many compliments on my dress today! Yay for my pretty dress!

I also made a trip back to the thrift store! I left two dresses behind the other day because they needed a little work. I've been thinking about them ever since! I couldn't get them out of my head! I got paid today, so I went back to get them. One was gone, but the other was still right where I had left it a few days ago. So, I snatched it up and felt (half) successful!

Random Fact: The other day I discovered that we get Animal Planet on our TV and I have since been watching nothing but. I get so worried when the animals get trapped and feel so relieved when I see that they get rescued! It's a serious emotional trip for me.

That's all for now! Bye Bye April!

The Breakdown:


Pink Dress: Forever 21
Shirt: H&M
Socks: Filene's Basement
Shoes: Nine West

Ball Necklace" H&M
Charm Necklace: Forever 21
Pearl Bracelet: H&M
Kitty Hair Clip: Dollar Store

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More thrifting!

I just couldn't help myself! I keep passing by this Value World while doing my errands and I just had a feeling that I was missing out on something. I was right! Because I decided to listen to myself I now have a bunch of new super cute shirts and a new super cute skirt for the cruise!

Thrift Store Bay-Bay

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been busy with work, family engagements, and super bad cramps. I've managed to snag a few outfit photos over the past couple of days though; and by a few I mean two:

I am just now realizing that the outfits were actually quite similar...

The Breakdown:

Outfit 1:

Green Cardigan: H&M
T-shirt: Gift
Blue Tank (under shirt): H&M
Skirt: No Apt. Necessary, Resale Shop
Tights: Filene's Basement
Shoes: Payless

Accessories 1:
Scarf: Thrifted
Purse: H&M

Outfit 2:
Green Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: H&M, Thrifted
Skirt: No Appt. Nessacary, Resale Shop
Tights: DSW
Shoes: Payless

Accessories 2:
Scarf: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Also, last Thursday my mom took me to the thrift store and this is what I got:

I think the skirt with the horse riders is AMAZING. It's so random and weird! I couldn't pass it up. I think my mom may have thought I was a little odd for buying it. I've been wearing the necklace every day since Thursday. It goes with so much! The earrings already broke though. :( I hadn't even worn them yet! I bought the button up shirt for Jon, but he doesn't really like it. I thought it was cool. It's super soft too. Oh boys, they never know what's good for them.

I leave for my cruise in less than 2 weeks!