Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meeting It Up

I wore this to a work meeting today. It was my first work meeting at the new job. It's always fun to see how people dress when they aren't at work. I think you get a better glimpse at their personalities. I find it really interesting. After the meeting I had a full work day until 6. (While my husband was home with the day off.) :( At least it wasn't sunny out. If Jon had the day off and I was at work AND missing a beautiful day with him I'm not quite sure how I would have dealt. It wouldn't have been good though. Some customers would probably have a few popcorns in their face. Really, could I have been blamed in said situation?

It's another low key weekend for us. I tried to get Jon to take me out to a movie after work, but he wants to work on cleaning up the house. (Things are still not completely organized over here.)

The Breakdown:


Cardigan: H&M
Yellow Tank: Urban Outfitters
Cream Blouse: Old Navy
Skirt: No Appt. Necessary
Leggings: Filene's Basement
Shoes: Thrifted, Gift

Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted

I hope everyone is having a great weekend whether it's more low key like mine or it's wild and crazy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Contest

I decided to join weardrobe's Spring Break Crew contest that is running until March 21st. You can enter here if you are interested.

I kept wanting to take my spring pictures the past few days when it was sunny and 58 degrees, however I've been terribly sick! So I went to go for it today and OF COURSE it's 45 degrees and rainy. Luckily the sun did come out while we were taking pictures, but it was still cold and very mucky out. We made the best of it and had fun nonetheless. I really love having a backyard to play in!

If you like what you see you can visit my weardrobe picture and vote for me by giving me hearts: here.


The Breakdown:

Dress: Ebay
Raincoat: Ragstock
Tights: Filene's Basement
Boots: Victoria's Secret

Floppy Hat: H&M
Earrings: Ragstock
Necklace: H&M
Gold Bracelet: H&M
Gold Bracelet with Beads: Gift from Murano
Umbrella: Gift

Jon says: It's all in a day's work.

P.S. The Hurt Locker won best picture!!! Yay!! I am so happy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night!

Well, I am certainly not looking very oscar worthy today. It's a super casual day for me. Jon and I went to visit my grandma this morning who I haven't seen in over a year. So we had a very early morning (for us) which resulted in me waking up 30 minutes before it was time to leave and having to just throw something on. I really don't like the way the shoes look with my skinny jeans. I should have opted for boots instead. The bottom of the pants and shape of the shoes just create a really strange unflattering line.

So, Oscars! Who do you think will win? I hope that The Hurt Locker wins for best picture. I'm watching one of the pre-shows right now. They brought up Bjork's swan dress from 2001. I always thought her dress was awesome. There are always so many gorgeous dresses every year, right? I'll watch the coverage or look through magazines to see what was worn, but honestly I don't remember after a few days. This is the only dress that made enough impact for me to specifically remember. It's beautiful, creative, and works with her personality. So to all of you %$#@ talkers out there: back off!

The Breakdown:


Striped Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters
Brown Tank: H&M
Jeans: BDG, Urban OUtfitters, Sale
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Rocket Dog

Owl Necklace: Ebay