Thursday, February 18, 2010

Royal Oak Thriftin' and Faux Bob'n

Tried out the faux bob today. This was the result:

Here is the original from Lucky Magazine for comparison:

Just ignore any part of my outfit that is visible. I was dressed for work and since I have to wear a bowling shirt to work now I really don't look very stylish. Not sure how I felt about this look. I think it would be pretty with a light summer dress. However, today it just kind of felt like I didn't put much effort into my hair and just pinned it back to cover it up. I wasn't too impressed. It was alright, but not great, you know? Ah well, live and learn, right?

After work I went over to the Salvation Army that's down the street. I have been avoiding it like the plague as I'm still recovering from the transition of moving and don't have much money. I ended up with some nice stuff though! Thank you part of my brain that is irresponsible! They had an okay selection overall, however it was extremely over priced. I've noticed that a lot with thrift stores now that I'm back in Michigan. How is it that Chicago has cheaper thrift stores?? Shouldn't it be the other way around? (In RO's Salvation's defense they did give me 25% off for being a student and the records were buy 1 get 1 free.)

Well, this is what I managed to scrounge up:

A long flowery shirt:

The reason I was attracted to this was because of this article (again from Lucky Magazine) on Alice in Wonderland-esque clothes:

See the resemblance in the cardigan in the lower left corner? I really really really wanted everything from this page!!! However, when I opened my wallet I only had a few lost buttons, lint, and a moth fly out. It was a sad sight. There was sad music playing... Okay, so that didn't happen, but nevertheless I still did not have any money to buy anything on said page. So when I saw this shirt today I was so absolutely thrilled!!! I'm still giddy about it!

Moving on...I also got:

A flowy skirt:

A Valentino skirt!

Two new records:

And an end table:

They had a soft, burnt orangey/brown sweater that I wanted to get for Jon. It was from Banana Republic, but it was $10. I've gotten tons of Banana Republic stuff from thrift stores for under $5, so I felt it was a bit of a rip off. Sorry love!

It's weird that all of the clothes I got are black. I don't wear much black unless I'm at work. (And conveniently enough the two skirts I got ARE for work, ha!) It's not that I don't like black, I just think that I look better in lighter colors.

I should go figure out where to place my new end table now...enough rambling already...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goin' Places

Wore this outfit today to take pictures for Weardrobe's 'downtown' themed contest.

The husband and I had a fun time taking pictures outside. Overall it was a nice day. My mom came over this afternoon and we had lunch. Jon made salad (he is a salad artist, next time I'll take a picture to prove it!). I made soup. We watched Rosemary's Baby. A wonderful afternoon. Now Jon and I are just relaxing a bit and enjoying the remainder of our evening off together.

The Breakdown:


Long Purple Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Boots: Payless

Chain Necklace: Gift from Brazil

I thought I'd try out the side braid today. I saw an article on it being the new thing in Lucky Magazine.

You can check out the article here.

I like how the side braid looks effortless but still chic. I think that's my favorite thing about it. I doesn't take much time to do either, which is also a huge plus. One problem I did run into with it though is that since my hair is heavily layered the shorter layers wouldn't stay in the braid and kept falling out. I pinned them back eventually, but they still kept falling out. So, it was a little frustrating, but I still felt pretty overall. I say if you have long hair go for it!

My next hair challenge is going to be the faux bob. I also found this in Lucky Magazine. I couldn't find a picture of it on their website, so I took a picture from the magazine itself:

Until next time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Woolly Lady

Went out with the fam to see Crazy Heart today. I really liked it. It had a heart. (No pun was intended by that.) Yes, it was similar to The Wrestler, but I am willing to ignore the similarities. Overall I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

I wore my heavy wool dress for the occasion. It was nice because it's almost like wearing a coat, so I didn't have to wear a coat out today.

Usually I wear this dress with black tights and black shoes, however today I felt like adding a little more color to the mix. I think it worked well.

I was going for a high ponytail, however it turned out to be more of a mid-height ponytail. I always fail with this. My ponytail will start high, but by the end of the night it's usually a low pony tail. Any suggestions on how to keep it high? I do use bobby pins to try to keep it in place, but they don't help much.

I'm really getting sick of the cold weather. Isn't everyone? This time of year I stop paying attention to the weather reports because I know it's just bleak and depressing. Oh spring, please come soon!

The colors are a bit all over the place in my photos today. Some parts of the house were getting more of the daylight and others more of the tungsten light.

The Breakdown::


Wool Dress: Elinor Simmons for Malcolm Starr, Gift
Purple Tights: H&M
Red Mary Janes: Payless

Earrings: Won, Decades of Baltimore Giveaway
Ring: Won, Decades of Baltimore Giveaway
Belt: Thrifted

Hope everyone's having a good start to their week! Happy Monday, don't forget tomorrow is Paczki day! Jon bought two boxes of Paczki's at the store last night so that he's be prepared. When I asked him why he needed two boxes he said because they didn't have a variety pack and he needed at least two different flavors...oh I love him so! (Even if he is slowly trying to kill me with all of these sweets in the house!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Decades of Baltimore win!

I was sooooo excited when my package from Decades of Baltimore came in the mail the other day!!!

I immediately did a little happy dance...and then made an outfit to incorporate my new top into. (Too bad I was having a bad hair day...ugggghhh!! Ah, well...)

I won this 1970's striped top:

Along with these earrings and the cute ring was thrown in too! It was very cool to get an extra little surprise.

Thanks to Decades of Baltimore for the awesome stuff and to Delightfully Tacky for having the contest.

I wore my new striped top on the train to Chicago this weekend. It was perfect for a long train ride: Comfortable enough to relax in, but still very stylish. (To any Chicago people who may read this: Yes, I was in Chicago this weekend, but I didn't call anyone because I was in town for my car accident case, so I didn't have any time to do anything really.)

It was very strange being back in Chicago. Mentally I felt like I'd already said goodbye and then all of the sudden two weeks later I'm back. It was weird to have to acknowledge that it is no longer my home. Jon (the husband) mentioned that he wouldn't mind settling down in Chicago eventually once we're done in LA. LA is our next stop after Michigan. We'll see how things go.

The Breakdown:


70's Striped Shirt: Rrrrus, won
White Sweatshirt: Can't recall where it's from, gift
Embellished Skirt: West 36, Thrifted
Navy Leggings: No tag, Gift
White Tights: CVS
Red Mary Janes: Payless

Charm Necklace: H&M