Saturday, January 30, 2010

Settling in

More and more things are starting to find their place in the new house. Look at Jon's great decorating job! (In the 4th picture, the TV and the painting above it are actually in line with each other...I just wasn't sitting directly in the center when I took these photos.)

This is my favorite thing that come from the house:

A vintage record player!

I wore the outfit below to a birthday party for my nephew and grandma today. The sweater is really comfy, but to be honest I really don't wear it very often. Now that I have my wonderful black jeans though perhaps it'll start to come out of the closet more often. I love that these heels are super comfortable and don't hurt my feet. Very nice indeed.

The Breakdown:


Sweater: H&M (approx. $30)
Tank Top (Under sweater): H&M, Gift
Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters, Sale ($39)
Shoes: Merona, Target, Gift

Scarf (worn as headband): H&M, gift

Time to do more organizing around the house! I'll take more pictures as things become finalized.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunny January Day

It was quite sunny out today. It was also 18 degrees, but it felt like 40 to me. Jon (the husband) and I had a nice time taking pictures outside in our new backyard. I was happy to get a chance to really get dressed today. I've just kind of been wearing whatever the past few days during the unpacking process. My jewelry is still packed up though, so no jewelry today.

Two things nice about living in Michigan are:

a) I can wear flats outside since I'm just walking to the car and back.

b) I only have to wear one pair of tights because I'm not waiting for 20 min. for the next bus to come

(Although I really don't have a reliable car at this point so I may eventually be relying on metro Detroit's public transport system...that will not be fun...)

The Breakdown:


Button-up Shirt: Free People, Gift
Sweater: Old Navy ($?)
Skirt: No Appt. Necessary, Thrifted ($3)
Tights: DSW ($12)
Flats: Old Navy (approx. $12)


Purse: Resale Shop ($10)

Penelope is already getting settled in:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to the Mitten!

Moved to the new place! I drove the big bad monster truck the whole way to Michigan by myself. (Thanks husband...Nah, he was actually dead tired from staying up all night packing, so he was not in a condition to drive for 5 hours.)

I'm still getting unpacked and settled in, so posts may still be a bit spotty, but I'm going to try to get back into the groove.

Here are a few pictures that I took before I moved.

This is what I wore to my last projection shift. This is one of my favorite dresses. It's comfy and it has pockets! I have a lot of purple clothes now because my husband likes the color on me.

The jacket is one of my last great finds from Chicago!

Couldn't get a full body shot because I dropped a reel of film on the ground that night and my husband had to help put it back together. So, there wasn't time to take pictures.


The Breakdown:

Dress: Scrapbook (approx. $30)
Blazer: Resale Shop (Ragstock) ($12)
Tights: Gap ($12)
Shoes: Payless ($15)


Sunflower Brooch, Gift

This next outfit is my first attempt at pattern mixing. I do like the way the argyle tights look with the printed dress. However, the socks are way too much. I pretty much knew this when I was getting dressed, yet for some reason I stuck with them. Live and learn, yes?

The Breakdown:


Dress: H&M, Gift
Shirt (under dress): Urban Outfitters, Sale ($10)
Cardigan: H&M (approx. $15)
Tights: DSW ($10)
Socks: Juicy Couture
Shoes: Payless


Hat: Can't remember where this came from...
Gloves: H&M
Belt: Ebay
Necklace: Handmade (by my husband)


This last outfit is from my last day at work. So sad. Yes, it's a job and the customers were annoying, but it's were I met my husband, so it has a lot of emotional significance to me.

The necklace was a goodbye gift from Sam, who is really awesome.

The Breakdown:


Shirt: Express, Resale Shop ($10)
Skirt: Heart Moon Start, Resale Shop ($10)
Tights: H&M, girl's section (approx. $10)
Boots: Payless ($15)


Scarf: H&M (approx. $5)
Necklace: Gift
Bracelet: Gift

Whew! What a large update. Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Will be on a hiatus for the next week or so due to moving. The house I'm moving into is not internet ready, so I'm not sure when I'll have internet again. Hopefully it won't be too long. I have a whole bunch of outfits to update with! The next post is going to be a big one.