Friday, January 8, 2010

A Day Off!

A day off from work!! I just got these jeans in the mail today and it turns out that they are perfect for a lazy Friday afternoon with my husband. They fit perfectly. I got them in black too and the black ones are slightly smaller than these blue ones. They are the same size and same brand. Weird.

This shirt is also new. I love the print! The little birds are so pretty.

On an unrelated note: look at Nelly and Izzy!! Aren't they adorable?!

The Breakdown:


Button-up Shirt: George Yazbeck for Gordon Peters, Thrifted ($4.50)
Purple Tank Top (underneath): Urban Outfitters, Sale ($5)
Cigarette Jeans: BDG, Urban OUtfitters, Sale ($39)
Boots: Victoria's Secret ($80)


Bag: Harajuku Lovers, Thrifted (approx. $10)
Earrings: Express (approx. $5)
Headband/Scarf: H&M, Gift ($0)
Glasses: Anna Sui

Have a good weekend! The Husband and I are eating Vegetarian Chili and playing Animal Crossing on Wii!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wore this for another projection shift at work yesterday. I actually wore boots to work and swapped for flats once I was inside and warm. I cannot for the life of me understand girls who try to wear leggings in 20 degree weather. (Although I probably looked like one of those girls myself as I ran out to the store in my flats on my break.)

The Breakdown:


Cardigan: Banana Republic, Thrifted ($3)
Peach Dress: St. Micheal's, Vintage, Gift ($0)
Leggings: Victoria's Secret ($15)
Nylons: CVS ($4)
Embellished Purple Flats: Nine West (approx. $20, on sale)


Beaded Necklace: Gift from husband, he designed it himself! ($0)

Looking back I probably should have ironed my dress before leaving the house...but I was being lazy. Ah well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Browny Browny Brown

Wore this outfit for a projection shift at work today. This is my first time wearing this skirt. I've had it awhile, but I just hadn't gotten around to buying some woolite and washing it. (It's clean now).

The socks are one of my favorite pairs. I love how they are just the right amount of sparkly.

This turtleneck is soooo comfy!! The length is really nice too. Perfect for a 20 degree Chicago day.

The breakdown:


Brown Turtleneck: H&M (approx. $30)
Skirt: Worthington, Thrifted ($2)
Brown Leggings: Victoria's Secret ($15)
Copper Knee Socks: H&M (approx. $5)
Boots: Victoria's Secret ($80)


Glasses: Anna Sui
Belt: ??, Gift ($0)

I tend to flock towards things that are brown, or things that look good in a brown color scale. I think brown looks good with my hair and my skin tone, yes?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Didn't do much for new year's. Just hung out with my husband and drank champagne. I was already dressed from work when I got home (at 10:30 PM) and didn't feel like changing, so I just wore work clothes. Here are some pictures:

The Breakdown:

Cardigan: Fovever 21, Thrift Store ($3)
Skirt: Giesha, Gift ($0)
Nylons: CVS ($4)
Shoes: Target, Gift ($0)

Headband: Gift, ($0)
Bracelet: Paper Boy ($3)

Went Shopping at Crossroads today and got some cute new clothes, check it out:

NES thinks I made good choices!