Monday, May 24, 2010

Pee Wee and Lost = Great Weekend

What a great weekend!!! Saturday night I went to see Pee Wee's Big Adventure on the big screen. I haven't watched that movie in at least 5 years. I was laughing so hard!!

Then last night was the season finale of Lost! Goodness I am sad that it is over. I won't say too much in case anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet (and wants to see it). My initial reaction was that I loved the finale up to the last 10 minutes. I really didn't like the ending. However, now that I've had nearly 24 hours to mull it over, I am feeling more comfortable with the way it ended.

This outfit is from Saturday night when I went to the movie. It was so foggy out when we were coming home. I love the way fog photographs. I wish I had been taking pictures with my film camera instead of my digital one. Ah, well.

I love the blouse I'm wearing. The little tie in the front is so adorable and fun. Also, I like the little splash of yellow in it. This is usually my go-to blouse for interviews. Saturday night proved that it can look nice in a casual setting too!

Yesterday I wore a black dress in mourning of the end of Lost, but I didn't take pictures. Sorry, I was being lazy!

Today I was watering my flowers and I noticed these beauties in my backyard! They are actually a little more purple than they appear in the photo. One of the many things I love about having a backyard is that there are different flowers out there every time I go outside!

Guess what?!? The She & Him show is just around the corner!! Yay!!

The Breakdown:


Blouse: Gift, Thrifted
Jeans: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Target

Grey Headband: Gift
Purse: Gift

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