Monday, December 21, 2009

Updating Your Work Uniform

The theatre I work at is pretty laid back on our work uniforms. Basically, as long as we are wearing all black it's cool. We used to have to wear over-sized bowling shirts with our logo on it. However we all got together and overthrew the dress code! Here is how I take the all black uniform look and make it my own:

The Breakdown:

-Champagne eyeshadow (Very Sexy - Victoria's Secret)
-Purple/Pink Eyeshadow above crease and under eyes (L'Oreal Paris: H.i.P - "Cheeky")
-Golden/Green in crease and under eye ("Beloved" Victoria's Secret)*
-Brown eyeliner on top lid, smudged out (label is worn off)
-Brown-black mascara (Covergirl "Lash Blast")
-Peach Blush (Maybelline - "Rose Silk")
-Lipstick (MAC - "Fleshpot")

*In previous posts I referred to this color as dark brown. That is because I thought it was dark brown until a day ago when I realized it was in fact more green with gold in it.

Back-combed on top, then twisted and pinned in the back. Rest of hair is in a low pony-tail with a bow to polish off the look.

Sweater - Forever 21 (approx. $20)
Button-up Shirt - Express (Resale Shop, $10)
Skirt - Heart Moon Star (Resale Shop, $10)
Tights - DSW ($12)
Boots - Payless ($15)

Earrings - Gift ($0)
Scarf - H&M (approx. $5)
Bow - H&M, Gift ($0)...It's hard to see, but you can sort of see it sticking out of the back of my head in the first picture.
Belt - I have had this for loooooong time, can't remember where it came from (maybe hot topic?) or how much it was...
Glasses - Anna Sui (my insurance covered the payment on these babies)