Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Like Royalty

"Wow, I feel like we're being served by royalty!" is what one woman said about my outfit when I wore it to work at the cafe.  This is by far my favorite of any of my newer dresses that I've purchased since moving here.  Seriously, what an amazing vintage find!  The sleeves, the florals, the fit, the color....oh it all works so nicely together.  Unfortunately it doesn't have any labels on the inside, so its history is a complete mystery to me. 

Anyway, today I'm heading to the San Diego Museum of Art for some much needed inspiration.  I've started painting a little bit again and I'm feeling like a creative period is approaching.  

Hopefully this museum is better than the Museum of Man.  Jon and I went to the MoM last week and it was seriously the worst museum I've ever been to...their displays were falling over and it smelled like feet.   Not good. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where Did the Motion Picture Go?

Ugh, the new blogger layout for editing posts has been frustrating me so much. I've tried 3 times now to post about Seal Beach and every time I try it just turns into one huge html mess of a mind f***.

 So I'm skipping that post and returning to outfit photos. Since I don't have time to figure out this new editing system I'm going to try and post just one photo with each entry. That will work better with my schedule anyway and hopefully I'll be able to start posting regularly again.

 This is an outfit that I wore to the cafe. I got the dress from Buffalo Exchange for $8! I'm really loving anything sheer right now, it feels so pretty and perfect for spring. The only problem is having to wear a slip under everything!

 The vintage petal hat I got from a local resale shop. I made the mistake of trying to wash it by hand and the glue started coming apart....so now it is ruined. So sad. I can still use it as a prop, but I was really looking forward to styling this baby up!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Maple Canyon

Among the exotic eucalyptus and palm trees in my neighborhood you'll find the beautiful Maple Canyon. It's things like this that make living in California truly amazing. While running up and down the bridge and exploring the canyon below I just couldn't help but take in how lucky I am to be here. These photos were taken on an amazing 80 degree day (which is hot by local standards, but perfect for me) and I spent a good few hours just soaking in the vitamin D.

The wooden suspension bridge is really something to see and is a historic monument dating back to 1905! It was originally built so commuters could cross the canyon to get to the passing streetcars.

There is a sister bridge that's nearly as old (built in 1911) at the opposite end of the canyon. (I have yet to explore the sister bridge, but it's certainly on my list of things to do.)

It's such a unique experience to be in the middle of a bustling city and pass something like this. There were tons of little lizards in the canyon. I tried to get a picture of one, but the little guys are just so fast!

It's nice to have a chance to do a full blog post. I've missed the blog world and wish I could update more! I'm actually getting ready to completely redo my blog - new name, new look, the whole deal. I'll still be running things under Midwest Mayhem for a little while longer, but I'm hoping to have the new blog up and running within the next few months.

These wedges are a recently thrifted treasure. I really love them. The tan color makes them easy to pair with almost anything, the bow and peep toe details are super cute, they're really comfortable to walk in, and they only cost me $5.00! How awesome is that, right?

The Breakdown:


Dress: Aubergine
Teal Tank Top: Urban Outfitters
Lace Wrap Top: Old Navy, Thrifted

Tan Wedges: Thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Navy Purse: Thrifted
Necklace: Handmade, designed by Jon Knitter <3


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feelin' Groovy

If I were to say my life is a bit hectic right now that would be a bit of an understatement. Most days I go to work at 9AM and get off work at 12AM. I feel like I'm just spinning around in a void with nothing to keep me grounded. That is why I am absolutely thrilled that it was slow at work today and I was sent home early. Finally some time to catch up on everything (including nap time).

I got this dress at Flashbacks a few weeks ago. One thing that I dislike about their set-up is that they mix all of their new and vintage clothing together, which makes it difficult to search for things. This dress looks vintage, but I don't think it is based on the way the fabric feels and the look of the zipper. There isn't a label, but the seams and details lead me to believe it wasn't handmade either. So I'm not sure where this beauty came from, but I love it all the same.

A girl was commenting on how she liked my dress and she said, "I wish I could wear patterns like that." I thanked her for the compliment, but I really wanted to shake her and tell her she can wear whatever she wants! I don't have any magic powers that allow me to wear patterns and print...I just go for it!

However, I think if there is a trick it's not in the color or print of the dress, it's in how it fits and how you wear it.

This past Thursday Jon and I went to Seal Beach in La Jolla! There were probably 50-75 seals out and one had just given birth to a pup! We had a great time and I can't wait to share the pictures! All in good time.

The Breakdown:


Dress: unlabeled
Tights: Target
Shoes: Payless

Bracelet: H&M
Blue Necklace: Thrifted
Orange Necklace: Gift


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Tree of Life Should Have Won Best Picture

As much as I loved "The Artist" I didn't feel that it was a "Best Picture" film. Trust me, I really loved this movie...so this is not an easy thing for me to just come out and say...

Set between 1927-1932 The Artist is a film about silent film actor George Valentin. He has a chance encounter with film extra Peppy Miller who goes on to become the next big movie star with the start of the "talkies". As silent film becomes a dead market so does George Valentin's career. The silent movie actor is too proud to move on and spends his fortune on making one last silent film which inevitably fails. He ends up losing everything (with the exception of his jack russell terrier, played by dog actor Uggie). Regardless of her new fame Peppy is still smitten with Valentin and does everything she can to help him out.

I have not met one person who said they didn't like the film. Yes, it was a lovely little crowd pleaser. However, it was not a film that challenged me or moved me emotionally. At the same time a steady smile remained on my face throughout the two hours of gimmicky goofy grins and tap dancing numbers. Beyond the story of George Valentin and Peppy Miller it was about the love of cinema in general...an homage to silent film...haha, see I promise I'm not knocking The Artist! It was great, but I think a Best Picture film needs to be more than "great".

Tree of Life is the story of...well, okay this one is a bit harder to put into a neat little synopsis. It's a non-linear film that gives us its basic premise in the beginning with the mother narrating, " There are two ways of life, the way of nature and the way of grace". We are shown the memories of a middle aged man (Sean Penn) who grew up in 1950s Texas. Brad Pitt plays the father and represents the way of nature, a product of his environment. Jessica Chastain represents the way of grace, a loving nurturing mother. The film uses this intimate family setting as a way to to reflect upon the meaning of life and the creation of the universe.

Tree of Life may have divided audiences in half, but it still won the Palme d'Or at Cannes (which is considered to be the highest international honor a film can receive). The fact that the movie was so polarizing speaks to its success as a film. Okay, I'm sure Terrence Malick didn't want everyone to walk out on his film, but he also didn't make his film to win favor with the general public. So many films lose their artistic vision when the producers come in and start making changes for the sake of what is going to make money. This film was a true artistic vision (not to say things weren't changed in the editing room, but I feel like the main message remained in tact.) There was no middle ground with this movie. I work at an art house theatre and people would either love it and come back to watch it five more times...or they'd be asking for the money back within the first 30 minutes. I've been working in the theatre business for 10 years now and there has never been a movie that has generated such strong emotion as this film.

What it managed to accomplish in its near two and half hours is incredible. What other film has captured life and death, nature and nurture, adolescence, family life, spirituality, philosophy, history, and the cosmos all in one? I think most people are willing to admit that it was certainly the most ambitious film of the year.

I think people just got upset because they spent so much time trying to puzzle everything together that they didn't appreciate the film as a work of art. Instead the average movie goer saw it as pretentious garbage.

However, those who gave it a chance and sat through the whole thing watched a work of art transforming before their eyes. They saw the beauty of the mundane reflected in the galaxy, they saw raw nature reflecting in a father trying to raise his sons, they saw a family struggling with death, they saw the beginning of time, the love of a mother, they saw suffering, they saw thought, they saw light, they saw innocence....the list goes on. Watching the film is like watching a painting that has been narrated. It's an incredible experience.

If we can't agree with each other on this...I'm sure we can at least agree on one thing....

Didn't Uggie look adorable in his bow tie at the Academy Awards?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Diego Neighborhoods: Mission Valley

It's been a little while now since my last San Diego neighborhood post, so I thought it was time to feature another one. These photos were taken when Jon and I spent one of our date days in Mission Valley. Mission Valley was the sight of the first Spanish settlement in 1769. It was originally called La Canada de San Diego but was changed to Mission Valley in the 1860s. Up until the 1940s the land was used by dairy farmers but mostly remained underdeveloped. Today it's home to the biggest shopping attraction in San Diego - Fashion Valley Mall. This is where we were headed when we took these photos. There's also the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park which we'll have to check out the next time that we're over there.

I love this picture of Jon entering the shadow while the shadow person is exiting the bus! They are both walking away from each other. It's so expressive yet subtle yet eerie. It's weird how bad photos can sometimes be so interesting. I think most people would look a this and see Jon's back and just delete the photo with out really looking at what's really going on.

I bought this awesome bag at the cafe where I work! The leather work is so detailed and pretty. I just love it!

This week has been another super busy one. Once again I've worked 5 shifts at both jobs...making that 10 shifts in 5 days....it's driving me a little crazy right now, but I know things are going to slow down at the theatre after the Oscars so I should be grateful while I'm getting so many shifts. It's just so hard to never see Jon or the little ones ever. :(

Jon and I made plans to go to Seal Beach this Thursday to see the seals and sea lions...but he has to be lame and work on a screen play. Hopefully next Thursday we'll make it out there.

Has anyone seen the oscar shorts? I watched them last week and was pretty disappointed with both the live action and the animated. I look forward to them all year, so it was a bit of a let down.

What's your vote for best picture? I want Tree of Life to win.

The Breakdown:


Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Vintage, Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted

Necklaces: Forever 21
Purse: Vintage


Monday, February 6, 2012

With Love in Her Eyes and Flowers in Her Hair…

Yep, another bohemian look for a morning shift at the cafe. I seem to be starting a theme here. Actually, I have a few days off from the cafe this week so I'll only be working one job for most of the week! It's a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I'll be able to catch up on a ton of stuff (and maybe make a trip to the thrift store). On the other hand...I'll be making a lot less money this week. Jon agrees that I really need this break though. Working five days a week at both jobs is really difficult to keep up with.

I bought this dress as a joke for a video I made when I was in art school. It was a parody of ultra feminist video art. (Nothing against feminists, just against seeing the same thing over and over again in video art.) I've almost gotten rid of it numerous times. Yet somehow it always makes its way out of the donation pile and back into my closet. I'm glad I've kept it around though. It's a great dress for a warm, sunny day. (Okay, sorry midwesterners...I'm not trying to rub it in anymore...but it just is warm and sunny out...) I chose to keep my eye make-up simple and go for a bold red lip to contrast with the white.

Also I wore my new daisy wreath. Jon thought it was really stupid when I got it in the mail, but after I wore it he seemed to warm up to it a bit. (Although he still insisted that I looked like I was going to a garden wedding.) In the midwest I feel like I would get crazy looks for wearing a wreath of daisies out in public let alone to work...but here it just feels natural. I know northern California is more known for the hippie movement, but San Diego is so laid back that a bohemian outfit fits right in. I love that I can wear an outfit like this out and feel at home here.

The Breakdown:


Dress: Encounters, Vintage, Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
Flats: Nine West, Sale

Daisy Wreath: Etsy
Necklace: Handmade by Jon Knitter
Floral Bracelet: Gift
Gold Bracelet: H&M